31 August 2009

Hi Everyone, hope you all had a super weekend. Wasn't the weather gorgeous? Nice to have got some washing done, dried and ironed in a weekend hey? I've been so lazy doing housework as I've just been making cards, so this weekend Kendall and I really did a major springclean and our place looks decent enough to receive visitors again. Found a stunning warehouse in Northumberland Street in Bellville called the Plastic Warehouse and we went absolutely MAD!!! I bought a 4 drawer plastic pedestal with lovely deeeep shelves to take all my cardstock, stamps, etc. so that they don't sit on the diningroom table. Every time I sat down to make a card I would have to take all the material out of the cupboard and put it back again. What a pain!! Now I have this practical pedestal (on wheels) which I can move around. What a lovely storage space it is - yay! We went dilly again this weekend purchasing some lovely stamps for our cards and I'll post a few of the new cards I made for you to look at. Hope you like them?

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