31 August 2009

One more post to share with you and then I must get back to doing some real work ;) I am crazy about cupcakes and haven't been able to find a lovely cupcake stamp in the craft shops I've been browsing, so last night I decided to draw my own, which I then coloured in using my new art pencil crayons which I purchased from Deckle Edge at Willowbridge Centre. I then used my glitter glue to bring a bit of life to it and was extremely pleased with the outcome. I am now going to design a variety of cupcakes to colour in and make cards with. There is something about a cupcake cookie, whether you eat it (yum-yum) or receive it in a card form, it just makes one feel special and loved. This is how I would like the recipient of this card to feel when they receive it from a friend. Until next time, be good :)

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