07 September 2009

Hello Friends, I am so pleased with this card which I made yesterday.  It is 100% original.  I drew it myself, designed and coloured it in using my copic pens.  I was going to colour the flower in, but then I rummaged through my supply of embellishments and this lovely lilac flower with dots caught my eye, so I stuck that on top of the flower section.  I loaded a photograph onto the Craftbubble website and this card received 5 Heart Votes (the highest) and made it to the Top Ten Card selections by fellow members of the Club which I belong to.  As you can imagine, I was absolutely thrilled!  Nice when fellow crafters acknowledge your talent. 

It's raining in Cape Town today and the temperature has dropped.  Have to attend an AGM tonight and not really looking forward to going out in this weather!  Would rather be snuggled up at home making cards.  Oh well!  Here's wishing you all a super week, hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Chat soon.

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