24 September 2009

The last of my little Magnolia images which was coloured today.  I really hope you like them and the designs, as I had such fun making them.  Thanks so much Paola for the images.  You are too kind for words.  A card of thanks is in the post to you. 


Heartland Creek Graphics said...

You have been busy :) really adorable!

RosesMarijke said...

I love this card!

Shirley said...

lovely layout. perfect colours. If I was being pernickety I would say, put the pearls
in the top right hand corner and make it three instead of two. Odd numbers work better and it would help to fill the blank space near the top of the card. Alternitavley add a small round greeting in the top right corner.



Sharon Keanly said...

Perfect, I like this idea. Thanks Shirley. I also thought it lacked something in the top right hand corner. You're really giving me some lovely ideas to think of next time. I'm taking all this in!