11 October 2009

Hope you're all having a lovely, lazy Sunday like we are.  Popped out to the local Mall to get my meds, made a quick turn at my folks place and sat there for a few minutes chatting.  When I got home, lunch was made.  Shew, I am so lucky to have a daughter that loves to cook.  Hmmm, we had a delicious lunch AND pancakes!  I know, not good for the waistline especially as I am trying to shed a few kilo's, but I couldn't say no now could I ?!?!?  It was yummy. 

After lunch, Kendall decided to read whilst I made more cards.  As mentioned previously I've decided to finally use the lovely templates which came with the Papercraft magazine I purchased.  This Teddy is not part of the pack, but it blended in so well that I had to use it.  I love these colours, don't you?

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