30 April 2010

Tea anyone ?

I just love it when my blog buddies are online the same time as I and this is what happened a few minutes ago. My blogfriend Christine from Canada, posted a divine pic on her blog of a super Carmel Cinnamon Coffee Cake she had made today. When I left a comment, I mentioned that Kendall had just put some muffins in the oven and that our place was smelling so good.  She popped me an email telling me I'll need to post a piccie, so here it is... tea poured just for you Christine.  The muffins are Bran ones as we're trying to following a healthy lifestyle, but I don't suppose it helps if you add raisins and almonds to it hey ?!?!?!  Nevertheless, they were buttered as they came out the oven and were delicious!

If you haven't paid Christine a visit yet, you're in for a real treat.  Her cards are breathtakingly stunning!  I loved the one card she made as it had such a colourful sentiment and she kindly offered to send me a few stamped images thereof, which is what you see in the pic.  She sent me the actual card she had made too  - a real treat, I was so touched. I haven't had the time to colour the sentiment in yet, but I will one of these days, promise. Waiting for the right occasion.  Enough chatting from me for now, I'm going to sign off as my battery has just died and hope to get some crafting done... hugs to you all, Sharon xoxo


dolcreations said...

This is so sweet of you to post! If I could get on a plane right now and come for tea and bran muffins I would love it! They look so darn good...almonds and raisins are sooo nutritional good for you, so lets bring it all on!! Love that tea cup.....Tea party for two!
Thank-you so much for your post...I so appreciated it!

Jerusha said...

Oh Sharon, now I want to bake and it is nearly 1 a.m.! Perhaps if the boys are good in the morning I can whip up some muffins and tea myself. Yummy! I hope you enjoyed it!

Catherine said...

Mmmmmmmm. They look delicious Sharon ! Love your tea-cup too !!! Hugs and smiles from Catherine

Annie said...

ooo how delicious! it must be a baking day today as I made a loaf of bread, and yesterday a fruit cake, and the day before a loaf - phew! as I can't get upstairs to craft at the moment as I have to stay in the kitchen and watch Aero - so end up baking and then eating!
enjoy the weekend.
hugs, annie x

RosesMarijke said...


Liza said...

MMmmm, they look gorgeous Sharon, you have inspired me to do some baking tomorrow!!

Liza x

The Wired Angel said...

Sharon.. I'll put the kettle on.. you bring the muffins!

Actually almonds are great for your heart and raisins are FULL of iron.. so eat and enjoy to your heart's content.

Happy Mother's Day to a great lady. Hugs, Peggy x