04 June 2010

2010 World Cup Soccer Host - South Africa

Hello friends and a very happy Friday to you all...   I think we have about a week to go before the 2010 World Cup Soccer kick-off.  My blogfriend Tertia and her pupils are very busy putting in extra hours for the Opening Ceremony.

As I live in Cape Town I just wanted to share this pic, which I found on the internet of the new Green Point Soccer Stadium (that oval shaped construction on the grass), with you.  Doesn't it look fabulous with Table Mountain in the background ?  I am so fortunate to get to see this mountain every day that I drive to work ?  These pics may be copyrighted, but I didn't know who to contact to ask permission to use them, so enjoy just in case I'm asked to remove them...lol

Doesn't this look spectacular at night ?

And here are a few pics sent to me by a colleague who works at our Johannesburg Office.  I hope you're able to spot your country's flag somewhere amongst this lot...

Don't forget to tune in, if it is being televised in your country.  There may be some spectacular film footage of our tourist spots and then you'll get to see where I live.  I hope you'll enjoy.  The excitement is growing here.  Motorists have our country's flag attached to their cars in support of our national team Bafana Bafana and then a second flag of the other country they'll be supporting during the World Cup Soccer.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our country and hope you'll enjoy our South African hospitality.  I think I'll have to add another post or two to introduce you to the typical South African specialities we have. 

We love food, especially boerekos, as we call it in Afrikaans and love entertaining people.  If you think of South Africa, you immediately think of Koeksusters. Click on the link for an explanation and the recipe. It's basically two pieces of dough, which you fold over each other to form a plait and then it's dipped in a sugary syrup to cook.  It's a sweet delicacy... hmmm yummy!!!  Here's a pic to whet those appetities...

Another favourite, typically South African, is Biltong (shew... my mouth is watering now!). Click on the link for an explanation thereof.  I think the Australians call it Beef Jerky!  If this doesn't make any ex-pats homesick, then I really don't know!!! Jammer my maatjies!

I hope you've enjoyed this little educational post today.  Thanks for popping by ~ I'd love to hear your comments.

My dear friend and owner of the Teddy Stampers blog, Jerusha, sent me a wonderful, lengthy email of a tour around her town in Eastern Canada not so long ago and I really really enjoyed it.  I'd love to hear something about your town and country sometime. So how about it! 

Take care, Sharon x


Carol said...

Awww Sharon, now you've made me even more home sick hehe!!! Aren't you lucky to live in the Cape?! I'm from Joburg so we didn' have such beautiful scenery like the one and only Table Mountain which is so gorgeous. But I really miss the sunshine and the FOOD even more so!!!! Yum, yum, koeksusters (I have to make my own now which is quite a schlepp lol). OMG and BILTONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss all our friendly people too! Sob, sob (hehe). Enjoy the lekker sunshine and food Sweetie. Have a great weekend too. Lotsa luv xxxx

ursula Uphof said...

Sharon you put that all so well, I think we will name you our "BLOG AMBASSADOR". I do envy you the vies of our beautiful mountain, but JOZI is briming with flags and World cup fever. It all looks so good and welcoming to our visitors. This time next week it will all be happening.

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Oh wow Sharon, thanks so much for sharing such fabby photos! Georgia is doing South Africa as her topic in class this month and she loves them. David will be coming over to your neck of the woods soon, wish I could come with him! Enjoy the matches, hugs Heidi xx

jimlynn said...

Wonderful photos, Sharon! And the food looks yummy! We also have beef jerky here in Texas and it looks similar to this. We make it out of beef and also deer meat (venison). Yummy!

dolcreations said...

Thank-you so much for sharing those gorgeous pictures! My neighbour is from Portugal and will love these! He is a HUGE soccer fan and has taken the whole time off to watch the event! It is a big deal here!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

hi Sharon
thanks for sharing the pics, what a sight, my hubby loves football.
Food looks yummy.
Glad you like my blog header I did it myself, in seconds, hardest was getting the sizing right on the blog. I use paintshop pro 8 for everything, the elements are nitwits.

Cherie said...

Hi Sharon, what a fabulous post. Thanks for sharing it with us. We are not football fans in our house... but I will be delighted to look out for pics of your home town now. Good luck to all the teams. I agree with Ursula's comments you are a credit to your country and not only a talented crafter but a writer too, you should write for a magazine.
Enjoy the weekend,
Loads a hugs