08 June 2010

Getting into the Spirt of the World Cup Soccer Tournament

3 more days to go until the Kick Off of probably the biggest sporting event in the world... the World Cup Soccer Tournament and for the first time ever we are holding it in our country... SOUTH AFRICA

Things are really hotting up now and I thought I would just share a few pics with you of the spirit our company is showing countrywide...

This is our Johannesburg office.  Hope you can spot your country's flag somewhere amongst those they have on display.

And then finally, 3 members of our Head Office management team who were visiting Johannesburg last Friday, went all out to show their support for the World Cup Soccer.  Seated on the left is my friend Deidre and next to her is Sherlene. Sammi is standing. Don't you just love their T-shirts?

I'm going off at lunch time to get me that T-shirt with the heart that Sherlene is wearing. Just gotta get into the spirt too!  On Friday we all have to wear an item of clothing in support of the Soccer and will be enjoying a nice brunch around 9am or so.

Will catch up with you later.  Thanks for visiting.  Hugs Sharon x


Rose Petal said...

Hi Sharon. How lovely to see the SPIRIT OF THE WORLD CUP being proudly displayed in your office. We will of course be watching it all on tv, with particular interest to ENGLAND of course. Here's to a very successful and enjoyable tournament in your country as the Home Nation. Goals Galore.
Lots of love, Sandra xx

jimlynn said...

How very exciting Sharon! Are you going to get to attend any of the matches? I'm not a real big soccer fan....but will be watching this!!

A Cards Delight said...

Sharon, how awesome of your company to share the joy of SA having the World Cup Soccer Tournament! I want a picture of you with the T-shirt on!! I am totally enjoying the pictures!

A Cards Delight said...

Hey g/f thank you so much for posting on your blog the Whiff of Joy inspiration blog. I have been looking at it for the past hour and I assure you, you will see these on my blog real soon. I have most of the items they used to create! See I knew I bought all this stuff for a reason instead of just sitting on the shelves collecting dust!