05 July 2010

Could someone answer this Question please?

Hello again dear blogfriends.  I've been blog hopping and leaving comments on a few blogs, but I find it most annoying to receive the message that my comment will only be posted once approved !   Now why would one select this option?  I can't believe that any of us would leave a nasty comment on someone else's blog, so why have this option?

I may happen to visit the same blog twice, but because my comment is still awaiting approval, it doesn't show. I somehow know I've been here before, but because the owner has not approved my comment yet, I may comment again thinking I hadn't done so previously.  Hope this makes sense.

Would those who have this option advise why they've selected it. It may help me to understand next time I receive this notification. 

hugs Sharon x


jenny said...

Hi Sharon,
I think it's just to stop spam messages coming through, I think they are a big problem for some blogs.
Hope this helps x

Sorry I've not visited for a while, must check out your new work x

Jenny xx

Cec said...

It is to allow the blog owner to stop any spam before it can get posted. I didn't realize until just recently how much spam can come in so personally I am glad I have that feature selected.

I would never have thought people leaving comments would leave nasty notes but I know of one person who had that happen to her.


RosesMarijke said...

Hi Sharon
Ik denk dat het een soort bescherming is ....ik heb wel eens een heel raar berichtje gelezen op een site waar ik wel van schrok!
En ook voor spam of reclame....!

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

It helps to stop spam comments, and is, for me, far preferable to the word verification option, which slows things down hugely when visiting and commenting on lots of blogs. Now THAT is annoying! LOL!

I don't use blogger for my personal blog, but have a similar feature on wordpress, which traps rather a lot of spam for me (and filters most of it too, which is nice), which would otherwise be visible to everyone (and people would not want to see most of it, it can be kind of gross).

Hope that helps!!

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

Oh and meant to add - I've seen a few instances where people have left some very unpleasant comments on blogs for various reasons. So, it does happen, just thankfully not too often!

jan farnworth said...

i have it on mine cause i have had people leave advertising as there comment, nasty comments such as come find me you bleep bleep women, i also have gotten people who leave the same comment ten times and it nothing relevent to the post.

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Yep the ladies I think haver covered it, it seems a real pain but thats they way they have made it. I do know a few peeps that have had nasty comments left, so at least we have the option to stop this.

Hope you are well and enjoying the footie, come on Deutschland, lol! hugs Heidi xxx

chilli pip said...

Hi there Sharon not all people are 'nice' like you in fact I ended up on a challenge blog the other day where the DT "manager" had been insulted about the quality of her blog , her work and her challenges!
There are some nasties out there

Sharon Keanly said...

Thanks for all the comments ladies. OK, the scam I can understand and I suppose I've just been lucky. Should I put it on or not??? I am totally shocked to hear that some people have received or heard of others having received nasty comments. This really saddens me and should I ever receive a bad or nasty comment, I'd just block them from leaving comments on my blog. Thanks to all for taking the time to pop around and answering my question. I'm a bit wiser now! hugs Sharon

Nina S. B. Macaulay said...

Hey sharon,

I totally agree with what you said there, I too was wondering why peeps had that filter. I don't get spam mail and hadn't heard of anyone getting nasty comments either. Now I too am a little wizer :O)

Hugs Nina

Rose Petal said...

Hello sharon. Please could you visit my blog, I have left something there for you.
Lots of love, Sandra xx

Donna said...

Hi Sharon,
Yes although it can be annoying, it's nothing personal against people but yes there are some out there that like to go around spamming blogs. I know that my shop blog gets spam comments usually every 2 - 3 days, but because I receive all comments on my blog to my email address I usually just go in and delete it forever each time it happens, thankfully it's only on that blog but it can be annoying. But yes I can understand why some people do the approval thing first, it is much preferable to word verification.
Donna xx

The Wired Angel said...

Hi Sharon.. I used to use both word verification and message moderation.. until I realized that I didn't need both. I removed verification and moderate all my comments. I highly recommend doing so because a few months back I got a nasty virus on my food blog... it took out my entire computer which had to be rebuilt. Oh, the horrors!!! Now I moderate comments with special attention to those 'anonymous' ones. That's what you have to watch for.

Hope this helps. Peggy x

A Cards Delight said...

Hey Sharon, I too often wonder the same thing. Thank you for asking for now I understand. I have been lucky like you and have not receive any spam. On my chat box though is a message from a Mr. Lonely with a web address. I didn't dare go for it probably has a virus and porn. I tried to delete it but couldn't figure out how to. I hate the word verification for it slows me down all the time...

Dawn said...

I have this option on my daughter's blog. She keenly reads all comments left, and I have occasionally had to delete spam messages.