17 July 2010


Hello dear blogfriends... a lot of my friends have supported Isabella Sketchbook in the past few months and I'd like you to know that Isabella is having a SALE on her digistamps for ONE DAY ONLY on Wednesday, 21 July

For those of you who aren't familiar with Isabella's digistamps, please pop around NOW and pay her a visit.  She has some awesome digi's for you to play with.  We have a challenge every Wednesday and you can win some more digistamps and the I Won badge to display on your blog.

So... what are you waiting for... head on over there now to make your selection and  don't forget to go back on Wednesday to make your purchase.  Thanks for your support!

Hope you're all having a super weekend.  Whilst many of my blogfriends in the northern hemisphere are enjoying a wonderful summer, we are freezing in Cape Town, but I am not complaining.   Take care, hugs Sharon


A Cards Delight said...

I hope I remember to go to Isabella's on Wednesday! How are you doing? Your friends list has grooooooown big time! :) :) I will be home on Sunday but leave again on Tuesday to meet the boys other grandma and then I go straight to Amy's b/c Abbie is having a tonsillectomy on Wednesday, the 21st! HugZ, me

Nina S. B. Macaulay said...

OMG!!!! Sharon, You won Elisabeth Bells candy!!!!

Your answer was very good, and well put forward. You should apply to be on her design team...
Well done Sharon :O))
I'm not at all jealous just really happy for you and excited that it was someone I know that won it :O)

Loads of hugs Nina xx

Tertia said...

You WON!!!!! WOW!!! All those stamps, I think I am going to be sick of jealousy. Enjoy my friend.

Anonymous said...

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