15 July 2010

SNOW near Cape Town

Hello my dear blogging friends... I have a little story to share with you this evening.  As many of you who have been following my blog for a while and visiting regularly will know, our family moved to the UK when I was 3 years old and we lived there for 3 years.  I am therefore familiar with the snow I've seen in so many of the beautiful photographs some of you have shared with us just recently during your Winter.  Although I was very young, I can still remember the intense cold and how thick the snow really falls overseas.  OK, let me get to the point...

We hardly ever get snow in South Africa in Winter, but when it does fall in the beautiful Ceres Mountains, just a few hours drive from Cape Town, then  the locals get in their cars and take to the hills, so to speak.  Well... whilst I was at work today, thinking my lovely daughter was doing the same... she, her boss, his children and parents took a drive to Ceres to see the SNOW!  I can't tell you how excited she was to tell me about her little trip to the country when she came home.  It's the first time she's seen snow in person and touched it and I just can't help smiling...  So, something my lovely northern hemisphere blogging friends take for granted each year, is a real thrill for we South Africans, as it's such a rare occurrence in our country.

So... here are a few pics Kendall took with her Blackberry today, which I would like to share with you.  

A pic taken en route to Ceres, see the snow-decked mountains in the background

Great excitement. The weather is changing, getting a lot colder now as they near the mountains.

YAY!  They finally stop so that Kendall can touch the little bit of snow that's on the ground. A brand new experience for her (smile).

Not much, but it's SNOW!

Thanks for popping by and reading this post. I told you it was cold in Cape Town.  Take care, hugs Sharon


dolcreations said...

I am so happy you have shared these pictures for us to see. It brings the world a little closer together! I am no a huge fan of snow...as we have it for usually 5 months!LOL

jimlynn said...

Beautiful! It's so hard to think of cold weather when it's between 95 and 100 degrees here!!! It does look very inviting. SO glad she got to see snow!!

scrappyjan said...

Hi Sharon, The photo's are beautiful!!! You always have pretty things on your blog.. I hope all is well with you...
big hugs, Janiel

Past and Present said...

That's great, nice photos too. We get a bit of snow close to us(sydney) but then the snow fields are just over 5hr away. Have a nice day.

crealin said...

Hoi Sharon,

wat een mooi verhaal, ik moest ook spontaan glimlachen want ik kan jouw en haar gevoel goed begrijpen. Sneeuw is zo mooi he. De foto's zijn schitterend!


Lins x