11 October 2010

Help please!!!

Can someone please advise how I can stop non-crafty bloggers from advertising on my Chatbox... they are really peeing me off now!!!  Does this have anything to do with not having Word Identification on my blog ?  I would really like to hear from someone please.  If this is the case then I will have no alternative but to put it back on to avoid this SPAM!!!  Is there perhaps something in Settings that I should be activating to avoid this in future. 

Appreciate any feedback you can give me.  Thanks, Sharon


Susan Nel said...

Sharon i think its in your settings where you allow everyone to see your blog.its very frustrating if that happens.

debby4000 said...

Hi Sharon, I have comment moderation, so I check the comments before they are published. I think you find it in settings.

Michelle said...

Hi Sharon

What a pain for you.

You can have word verification turned off but still moderate the comments before they are published. That is what I do. You just have to go in to the settings.


Sharon Keanly said...

Thanks Girls, I have amended my Settings and let's see what happens. hugs Sharon x

A Cards Delight said...

Sharon, It doesn't matter what settings you have for your comments...as long as they can get to your chat box they can leave any comment they want. I tried everything and the off comments kept popping up and finally I got so disgusted I deleted the whole chat box. It wasn't worth the agony. Hope this helps, comments and chat box are two totally different from one another.

Annika said...

This IS annoying!! I don't have a chatbox so don't really know how to solve the issue but I do agree, comments and chat box are totally different feature and moderationg comments won't help with chat box content :(

Lins said...

Hi sweetie,

I had it too, so I first deleted the chatbox on my blog because I was really fed up with it. Now I installed it back but I managed to delete those mailings from my list at the cbox-site.
Just check the site out, you can delete messages from there.
I don't think there is a comment moderation with cbox.

I hope everything turns out fine for you, will you let me know how you found a solution?

Big hugs,