29 November 2010

Looking for assistance

Hi Girlies... oops, and Guys... a blogfriend is struggling to browse my blog and keeps getting this message Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site http://..............  (my blog's name) 

Is there someone out there who has come across something similar?  No one else has complained about viewing my blog, so I am assuming it's a problem on her side.  Any suggestions as to what she should do?  Apparently, she only has this problem viewing MY blog... sniff sniff

Much appreciated. Sharon


Michelle said...

Hi Sharon

Oh what a pain for her.

I know very little about computers but I can only guess that the problem may be with her anti virus software.

I hope she is able to get it sorted soon.

I wonder does she have this message come up with other blogs or just yours? Maybe she has some how blocked your blog by accident.


ursula Uphof said...

I occassionaly have it and when I retry it is fine. Not had it with any blog in particular. So not sure where the problem lies.

Annie said...

your blog is very very slow to load for me, Sharon. I guess it's to do with the amount of graphics and layers, but it's not just yours. I run an old system and there are some blogs that can take several minutes to load, and some I give up on it takes so long! And then it takes even longer for me to comment on them!
by the way - loving your creations since I last stopped by!
hugs, annie x

Petra said...

Hi Sharon,

I live in SA and have had no problem opening your blog site.

It could have to do with her anti-virus program and the settings?


jimlynn said...

I haven't gotten this.....HOPEFULLY I won't!!!

Sue said...

Hi hun
no probs here seeing you was gona say what Michelle has, check her virus software, sue,x

Lins said...

Hoi Sharon,

als ik op mijn andere computer met internet explorer jouw blog wil openen, heb ik deze foutmelding ook. Ik zou haar de raad geven Mozilla firefox te installeren. Dan gaat het perfect.
Ik heb dit enkel met jouw blog, misschien dat bepaalde instellingen van explorer je blog blokkeren.

Hopelijk ben je hiermee verder geholpen.

Groetjes en hele dikke knuffel,

Lins xxx

ps het heeft hier net gesneeuwd, ik stuur je foto's als de sneeuw blijft liggen ;-)

A Cards Delight said...

Sharon, I have no problem loading your site, however, I will not use Internet Explorer anymore for it causes too many problems. Tell her to download Firefox and she will probably be able to load your site with no problems. I hate IE! HTH's


Sharon Keanly said...

Hi Everyone, thanks for your assistance with this. A technical expert at work has advised that this error is because an old browser is being used compared to the one I use (Version 8). To download a more updated browser, for FREE, go to Google and click on the heading More... then select Even More until you get the screen where you click on Google Chrome. Once you've clicked on there, you will come to a screen where you can download Google Chrome. Hopefully that should do the trick.

Linda said...

I also had problems opening your blog, and got the same message. But I tend to have problems with some of the blogtemplates. (f.ex blogs with templates from "the cutest blog on the block" and "vintage blogs"). But the problem is at my computer, because at work, they all work just fine. Great cards you make by the way!
A freezing cold greeting from Norway. (about 15 deg F outside right now:( And windy...)