04 November 2010

More Calendar pages and other things to Share

As mentioned a day ago, I recently took part in a Calendar swap and here are 2 more pages to share with you... I hope you like them.  Here's gorgeous Tilda with her Christmas gift in her hand...

And here's another page, using one of my LOTV stamps. I'm a bit disappointed at the size of the images, and am unable to retake a pic, seeing that I don't have these pages anymore.  I hope you don't mind me sharing !

And now for something non-crafty related

A while ago I mentioned that my father's health was not so good... nothing has changed.. in fact, his health is deteriorating slowly...  He hasn't been able to drive for a while now  and last night he finally sold his car.  He and Mom cried when the new owner pulled it out the driveway... the car had served all of us very well for many years and was an antique, compared to the modern cars of today.   A very sad occasion, but I also feel a sense of relief, as he can be very stubborn at times. If I take too long to get him something from the shops, he threatens to jump into his car to go get it himself... oooh boy!  It's not easy, I tell you.   Sadly, it also makes me realise that my once very strong and athletic father, my rock of Gibraltar, is now entering another phase in his life.  He now needs our help more than we need his.  Does this make sense ?  I sometimes sit and cry, as I am now, when I think of the person he used to be and how frail he has become.  At times he really struggles to breathe, due to his bad heart and lungs, but he will not hear of going to the doctor or hospital.  He keeps telling my Mom that he just wants to stay in his own home. 

I thought I'd post 2 pics to show you all what an incredibly handsome man he was in his younger days. 

This pic is of him and my Mom. I think she was 19 and he was 20. They were walking down Adderley Street in Cape Town and in those days a photographer would just snap your pic and give it to you, as you walked on the sidewalk.

This pic is of him in his Gardens Rugby Club blazer. As mentioned in earlier posts, he turned professional and went to play rugby in England for 3 years.  Being 6ft 4 in tall, his position was Lock Forward.

Here are a few more pics taken of my dad which were taken in the UK, where he played
for Bradford Northerns and later Wakefield Trinity.
I hope you don't mind me sharing these pics down memory lane with you of my folks, but when I initially started blogging, I wanted to share, not only my crafty bits and pieces, but a little bit of personal things too.   Please bear with me if I don't have much cards to share, but I am going through a very emotional time right now...

Thanks so much for popping by and for leaving a comment. hugs Sharon x


jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

Oh Sharon thankyou for sharing your memories and thoughts of your Dad, hope he is ok. Mine is only 63 and living a great life in Thailand with a Thai lady ,her 2 daughters and an assortment of animals.
Your calander is just fab, the LOTV image is one I love and you have coloured beautifully.

Lia said...

schitterende kalender pagina's heb je weer gemaakt sharon.
Enoohh wat een triest verhaal sat het zo veel minder gaat met je vader. En wat ingrijpend dat hij nu ook zijn auto heeft weg moeten doen, en wat moeilijk dat hij niet naar de dokter wil maar thuis wil blijven,.
Ik wil jullie allemaal heel veel sterkte wensen, en erge mooie foto's heb je laten zien van je ouders.
PS ik heb nu eventjes in mijn moerstaal geschreven wist niet hoe ik dit zo snel in het Engels moest schrijven, ik hoop dat je het kunt lezen
liefs and hugs lia

Rose Petal said...

Hello Sharon. How lovely to share those pictures and information about your Dad. Both Bradford and Wakefield are not all that far from where I live, so that was lovely to know. I really do wish him well, bless.
You Calendar pages are beautiful Sharon, so special anhd beautifully designed.
Happy crafting.
With love, Sandra xx

ursula Uphof said...

Sharon.lovely to see the pics of your Dad. I know what it is like when they are getting to that stage in life. I was spared that with my own Dad, but had it with Rob's Dad. When his car went that was almost the end for him. Wishing you strength my friend, as I know you have to be strong for them, but you also need a shoulder sometimes. Take care.

Gabbi said...

Sharon, Im new here, but still wanted to wish you strength and courage. You all will be in my prayers. Im sure it is hard and we will all have to endure that time of our parents life at one point or another so just take it one day at a time. Thank you for sharing your photos, they are beautiful.

Debbie Harris said...

Thank you for sharing Sharon. Be strong for them, my friend. Lots of love and hugs xxx

Catherine said...

Thank you so much Sweetie for sharing your sweet memories... I am so sorry to hear about your Dad... You are very lucky to have a special relation with him, I can tell you are both very close...
Your calendar pages are just gorgeous ! You must have had so much fun making them ! Hugs and love from Catherine

dolcreations said...

Thank-you Sharon for sharing such wonderful memories of your dad.The pictures speak volumns of what kind of man he was! I feel so badly for you and your mom to watch him not be the man you are used to seeing! Please know my thoughts are with you.
Sharon I think your calendar is wonderful ....what a fantastic idea!!!!!

Riet said...

Wat schitterend gemaakt Sharon,lief die stempel,mooi papier.
Wat erg voor je vader,dat is een heel triest verhaal zeg.
Heel veel sterkte hoor.

Liefs Riet.x

Renkata said...

I love to read your post about the past time.....
It's such a precious moments in our live and it's fine that we cherish them.

Rene' Sharp said...

My heart aches for you Sharon!!! My dad disappeared when I was very young so don't know exactley what you must be feeling, but losing my Poppy (who was my grandfather, but took on the role of my dad), was one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. He was such a proud and strong man, and for him to loose a battle with cancer that was just too strong for him was heartbreaking. At no stage was he ready to go despite the pain and agony he was in. We lived quite far away from him, so I didn't get to see him as much as I would have liked. All I can say is cherish every moment you still have with your Dad and tell him you love him every opportunity you get. Love to you xxx

Michelle said...

Hi Sharon

First off, I love your calendar pages they look wonderful.

Secondly, my heart goes out to you. I really feel for you and your family in regards to your father.

((Hugs)) Michelle

EELS said...

Hiya Sharon, so nice of you to share with us the story about your Dad. It reminded me a bit of my Dad who sadly passed away 5 years ago. It was always a struggle to get him to change to the next phase of his life, like getting a walking aid, wheelchair etc and it was almost impossible for him to get rid of his car.
Loved your calendar, lovely images.
Take care,

A Cards Delight said...

Sweet Sharon, again we share alike. I am sitting here balling my eyes out, for as you know, I too am going through the exact same thing. My dad is 87 and mom is 84 and they live 2831 miles from me. I just came home from visiting them and it tears me up every time I have to leave. I worry so much as you do of yours. It's not easy my dear friend. My shoulder is always here for you as I know yours is for me. I need to pull you up so this is the last sad notice from me!! I need to see creations woman! I want pictures of Saturday!! Oh yea, BTW the calendars are super cute :)and I love the images. Hugz g/f

Debbie said...

Je pagina's zijn weer prachtig! En wat naar om te horen dat het zo slecht gaat met je vader. Ik wens jou en je familie heel veel sterkte!
En wat een mooie foto's, leuk dat je ze met ons wilde delen!

Amelia said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for sharing your lovely pic's and memories. Thinking of you. Your calender pages are fabulous. Love everyting about them!
Amelia x