30 May 2011

My Favourite Idol this Season...

We South Africans got to see the American Idols 10th Season Finale on Sunday.   It was my favourite Idols Season yet... we just loved Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges (yes, there is life after Simon Cowell).

Despite being extremely happy with the outcome, as we are huge Country fans - Scotty and Lauren were amongst our faves, little Haley Reinhart was definitely MY ultimate favourite. That VOICE is so raspy and sexy, I certainly hope she'll go places in the music world. 

Here's a clip of my ultimate favourite Haley performance, her rendition of The Animals... House of the Rising Sun.  Enjoy!


Moz said...

Shaz, we adored Hayley! When she started singing House of the Rising Sun, my DH and I went crazy ~ Takes us back a good few years to our 'courting' (do they say that still??) days. Her version is unbelievable - we have it recorded on the PVR and keep watching it, and loving it.....
She will go far and in our opinion, should have won.
Thanks for sharing the video.

Tab said...

Oh I love watching stuff like this....we currently have Britians Got Talent on at the moment in the UK, and yes Simon Cowell judges that too LOL.....he is everywhere!
Hugs Tab xxx