30 July 2011

No card... just sharing the amazing talent of Moz

Hello friends, how nice to be back with you again.   Wow, but today just flew by... not a very good one in some ways (damn Post Office), but I won't even GO there!!!

I just want to share the beautiful creation which I ordered from my RSA sister and friend Moz Roberts.  Moz hails from the beautiful town of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.  She is a wonderful person and a hugely talented crafter. She makes cards, she sketches and paints, gives cardmaking classes and Moz even makes bears and bunnies.  You can view her talents on her blog ....all things Moz.

I've been eyeing Moz's Bearz and Bunnies for a while now and finally decided that I just HAD to have one, so I ordered Hunny.  Well, Hunny arrived safely in Cape Town last night and is now being lovingly cared for by her new Mommy (me)!  She's so cute, tiny, soft and sweet that I just had to share my new baby with you... here's Shazzy Hunny!

She came beautifully packaged with a little Adoption Certificate, which I've placed in the pic next to her. She has magnets in her feet, so she can stand unaided.  All she has to to now is TALK to me...lol  I can see that Shazzy Hunny getting a little brother or sister soon.  I am having a new Craftdesk and Chest of Drawers built for my room and I cannot wait to have her sitting there keeping me company whilst I play!  We're going to have lots of FUN together, you wait and see!

Thanks for popping by and if you want a little Hunny or Sally or Toby or Buzz, then contact Moz for details.

Tons of hugs, Sharon and Shazzy Hunny xx


Rene' Sharp said...

I LOVE the way you promote all your friend's businesses (did I spell that right?!?), I think it's fantastic. Did you get the e-mail I sent you today? :)

ursula Uphof said...

Love your little Hunny, and she arrived just in time for your big day. Enjoy. I have a little bear that I made (my first one) Sebastian and he sits near my work space and watches with a keen eye what is going on. Have a lovely weekend.

dolcreations said...

Oh my goodness, I want a Hunny too! She is too adorable!

ursula Uphof said...

She sure is a lovely little friend and arrived just in time to share your big day. I have a bear, named Sebastian, (my first one I made), who shares my crafting space and keeps a good eye on what's happening. Have a lovely Sunday.

Liza said...

Sooooo cute Sharon!!

Liza x

Catherine said...

Oh what a cutie ! She is really sweet... Hugs and love from Catherine