13 September 2011

Would you like to come play with the Gorjusettes ?

Greetings friends... hope you're all having a wonderful crafting week.  Work is keeping me busy and the evenings are busy doing some DT work, so I'm not sitting idle.

Would you like to come and play with the Gorjusettes ?  Totally Gorjuss are having a Guest Gorjusette Call out.  So, if you fancy a FUN 6 month slot, just email the lovely Net at totallygorjuss@gmail.com telling her a little bit about yourself and details of your blog.

The Call out closes on 30th September.

1 comment:

hannelie said...

Hi Sharon! I'm so glad I discovered you (or is it the other way round?!)
Even though I'm living abroad, I'm always on the look out for other South-Africans. Definitely following you!
Hugs coming to you from the desert!