02 December 2011

Sharing A Proud Mommy Moment

Hello friends... I experienced another 'proud Mommy moment' today and thought I would share it with you all, seeing that I also have family overseas who would like to hear about this too.

As my regulars will know Kendall was admitted as an Attorney in February 2010 and today she was admitted as a Conveyancer in the Cape Town High Court.

A very proud, yet emotional moment for us as a family.  My father as you know passed away in May this year and he was so incredibly proud of Kendall and her academic achievements.  He was sorely missed today, as he would have loved to hear about the day's proceedings.  But we believe he is with us in Spirit and is swelling up with pride.  Miss you so much Daddy and Oupie (for my overseas friends, Oupie is our endearing name for Grandpa in my second language, Afrikaans).

Here's a pic I took (without anyone seeing...shhhhh) of the Cape Town High Court before it started to fill up.  Please excuse quality of pics. They were taken with my Blackberry, as no cameras are allowed in Court...  yeah right, I wasn't going to let that stop me!  When I sent these pics to my sister, she sms'd me back saying "you're damn lucky they didn't "cuff" you".... hahahaha

Kendall and her friend/colleague, Olivia (they work at the same Law Firm) waiting for the Advocate who represented them to the Judge, to conclude his business, before they could leave the Court. At this stage the Court was just about empty and I thought I'd try taking a sneaky pic...   Oh my word ...I didn't realise quite how quiet it was in there, you could distinctly hear the CLICK.  Kendall told me afterwards when she heard it she thought "Oh my gosh, that can only be my Mother"... She looked up as if to say "I HEARD THAT MOM", but her face just broke into a smile...shew!  Excuse quality of pic, but I was sitting way up in the Gallery.

Finally.... Once outside, the girls had to pose for friends and family and I quickly took this one as well...

Kendall (left) and Olivia (right)

Right, after the proceedings we then headed off to Cape Town's famous Charly's Bakery for some sweetness and here's a pic of Kendall's favourite treat, petit fours.

Thanks to a select few who knew about today's proceedings beforehand.  Your sms's, emails and cards are much appreciated.  Special thanks to Kendall's colleagues, Letitia and Michelle, who specially took a day's leave to attend the ceremony.  Kendall's boss popped in too and was there when the Judge admitted them and congratulated them.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but just had to share this day with you all!  Thanks for popping by, hugs Sharon x


Rose Petal said...

Hi Sharon & Kendall. Oh my goodness, I can tell with every word of that, you were filled with immense pride. What a lovely picture of Kendall and her friend too.
Such a proud day for you all as a family, and just in some small part, can I fit in a corner of that loving family.
Will speak tomorrow. Congratulations again Kendall, so proud of you.
Lots of love, Sandra xxx

jimlynn said...

Sharon, this is great! So very proud you must be. Your daughter is a very pretty young lady too I might add! Congrats to her so many times over!
My son is an attorney and I know some of the feelings your were having on this very special day.

Anonymous said...

Many Congratulations to Kendall.

:) Lori m

dolcreations said...

Wow..what a wonderful day for your daughter and for your family. You have got to be so proud! What a beautiful picture of your daughter and her friend. Thank-you so much for sharing this with us!

ursula Uphof said...

Oh Sharon how proud you must have felt. These are such special moments in our (Mommy's) lives. Congratulations to Kendall and to you.

hannelie said...

Congratulations Sharon!
(love your blog's new look!)

Hi...I'm Cindy said...

WOW... congrats to Kendall and your family hun, this is fabulous news. What an accomplishment, I'd be proud as punch and sneaking pics also!!! :)

My Creative Circus said...

Congratulations to Kendall and obviously to the proud mommmy as well!

paola said...

AMAZING!!!!! i am so proud of you as the mum and of Kendall, what a smart girl, and to think i didnt know this was going on while i have had myhead under a rock! CONGRATULATIONS GILRS, THIS IS FABULOUS NEWS! TFS
P.S chat later

Anonymous said...

How very special, Congratulations to Kendall for I'm sure a great deal of hard work. Oh and congrats to her proud mum too!
Hugs Julie P

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic achievement, Sharon, you all have to be so proud! Congratulations to Kendall and may her career go from strength to strength. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Amelia x

Marika said...


Never apologise for a lenghty post, I just love to read your posts as it always puts a smile on my face.

Congratulations to both you and Kendall once again. Which I could have a bite of that cake.


chilli pip said...

Oh Sharon you must have been bursting with pride...I get such a thrill reading a post like this and can picture you sneaking a pic with the old BB.
Congratulations to you both xxx