13 January 2012

The Holidays Are Over...

I can't believe that the holidays went by so quickly... boohoooo, today is my last day of leave and I go back to the old grindstone on Monday B-) 

We had a lovely Christmas and New Year, this being our first one without my Dad.  We thought and spoke of him often, as we have such fond memories of him.  Missed you Daddy!

Furthermore, it was lovely seeing members of the family over this festive period, that we don't get to see that often.  So the days were spent eating (naturally), chatting and catching up on news. The waistline definitely increased over the hols, but steps are in place to reduce it as soon as possible...hehehe  If you have the same problem, put your hand up please... hahaha

I accomplished such a lot these holidays that I had planned to do.  We had an interview at the Retirement Home where my Mom has finally decided she'd like to go to.  Here's a pic of the Main Manor House, which houses the adminstrative offices, library, drawing room where they can watch DVD's, have craft sessions, play carpet bowls, etc. We now wait patiently for a room to become available for her in one of the houses on the estate. All prayers for this to happen soon, will be most welcome. Thanks so much. 

Mom enjoying the sun on her front patio whilst we watered the garden one day this week. Shew, but we are experiencing hot, humid, summer weather.  You just water the garden and in a few minutes it looks dry again.... would love some rain in the Western Cape.

I just had to share this pic, which my Sister sent me, of her lovable furry friend.  His name is Jack and she calls him Jack Daniels...  Isn't he adorable?  He's waiting on the front car seat as they were on their way to the beach for their daily walk.  Needless to say Jack is a very spoilt doggie...B-)  My Sister says he's her best friend and she loves him to bits!!

OK, enought chit chat from me, as I've got to dash.  Just a reminder that there is a new challenge on the Totally Gorjuss challenge blog tomorrow, so pop around if you'd like to see my DT card.

Take care, have a super weekend, hugs Sharon x


hannelie said...

Ah Sharon... sterkte vir die teruggaan werk toe!
Ons familie is terug SA toe en die huis voel so leeg!

Linda said...

Beautiful pictures Sharon!!!!!

Catherine said...

Thank you Sweetie for sharing your news ! I do hope your Mum will soon have a place at the Retirement Home. She will be in my prayers ! Have a lovely week-end Sharon ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

jimlynn said...

Keeping my fingers crossed your mom gets into the retirement home soon. It looks so nice and know she'd probably enjoy it there so much!
I love Jack - and he looks just like our little Rambo! So cute!!!

The Wired Angel said...

I loved reading this, Sharon. You are a special daughter and your Mum is lucky to have you. I'm sure it was hard without your Dad.. but he's smiling at all of you! Hugs, Peggy x

paola said...

i'm sure this wasnt an easy decision for your mum, i wish her the strength to follow through and peace of mind to you and Kendall that this will be the right decision for you all. The place she is gonna move to looks really tranquil and i am sure it will be lovely, TFS

Marika said...

Hi Sharon

Thank you for sharing all the news. Good luck on finding a room for your mother, I hope that it will happen soon.

Have a great day.