01 May 2012

Just sharing...

Hello friends and family

This post is especially for those who knew that this past weekend, was the weekend when my Mom was moving into her new home. 

Some feedback and a few pics, so that I don't have to email everyone individually, I can just refer them to my Blog.

The move went well.  Mom is extremely happy.  There were no tears when she left her home of 37 years yesterday.  She received a very warm welcome from the House Mother and other residents. My Mom is a gregarious person, she loves a good laugh and since moving in, there have been plenty. Kendall and I have been in stitches, I tell you.  Let's just say that her first morning has been anything but uneventful!  She'd probably die of embarrassment if I shared this story with you, so I'll keep quiet for now... LOL, but(t)... LOL it's a good one!!

Anyway, here are a few pics and I'll be adding some captions too....

This is the Main Manor house on the Estate.  There are some residents living upstairs. The bottom is where the Admin offices are, plus the Library, Drawing Room, etc.

As one can see there are lovely bricked pathways with railings for the elderly to hold onto when going for walks along the paths.  If it rains, then a covered little golf cart will collect residents from the houses to take them to the Manor House.  That's where they have Church Services as well.

Here's a pool for those who are still active enough to use it.

Another pathway, and on the left is a bench to sit on.  Lots of those along the paths too. They really have taken lots of care when planning this Estate.

Every now and again there's a little pond of water to admire.  I just love the sound of running water.

Here's another one.  In the background is the Frail Care Centre.

On the Estate there are quite a few houses and each house has 11 residents, which includes the House Mother.  This is the house where Mom is staying.

This is their Lounge.  I was invited to Tea with the residents on Sunday as we were moving Mom's belongings in and I got to meet her housemates before she did.  I love elderly people and these were such a nice group of people.  We started chatting as if we'd known each other for years.  I asked George if he was the only "thorn" amongst all the "roses" and he laughed and said no there are 2 more gentlemen in the house, but they're visiting their families right now... LOL

This is their Diningroom.   Obviously there are set times for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper, but as it was a long weekend for us in SA this past weekend, Mom and her housemates got lovely scrambled eggs on toast with fried tomato IN BED this morning!  Hey.... I think I may want to move in there myself... LOL!

This is the view from Mom's room.  The flowers were a gift from the House Mother to welcome her to the home.  As you can see, it was pouring cats and dogs when this pic was taken.

A sneak peak at Mom's bed and sidetable.  There's a whole lot of family pics in a frame to make her feel more at home.

I hope you've enjoyed viewing these pics.  I can't wait to hear the next instalment Mom has to share of her new life at the Home...  I may just be sharing a few with you one of these days.

Thanks for popping by.

hugs Sharon x


Kendra said...

It looks like a lovely place for her new home. I'm sure it's wonderful peace of mind for you to know she is in good hands too.

Hugs, Kendra

jimlynn said...

Sharon, this is wonderful! What a fantastic place this must be - and I'm like you, I feel like moving there myself!
So glad all went well settling your mom in and know she'll enjoy her time there.

ursula Uphof said...

Love this Estate...what age does one have to be..LOL
It is great that her move has gone so well,and for you it is such a consolation that she is taken care of and in a happy environment..and close to you is a bonus. Have a good (short) week. Hugs

Hannelie said...

This looks so lovely Sharon!
Oh I miss home :-(
Have a great day!

Rose Petal said...

Hello Sharon. I know this is such a happy place for your Mom, having shared this journey with you from afar. It is so wonderful to know that Mom has settled in so well, and that she is so happy. This is fantastic for you, giving you a great peace of mind, knowing that she is being so well cared for. You need a rest now after your hectic weekend, only a short week now. Speak later my friend.
Lots of love, Sandra xxx

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow what a wonderful place for your Mom to live. I am sure she is going to be so so happy there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, I am so glad everything went well with the move and that your Mother is happy in her new home. It is such a beautiful place and she will be well cared for. I am sure she will have lots of fun with her housemates and won't long back to live on her own.
Have a wonderful day,
Amelia x

Catherine said...

Thank you so much for sharing Sharon ! I am delighted your Mum got a place in this beautiful home. She must be happy there, everything is so lovely ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

chilli pip said...

What a lovely post Sharon , I love family feel good posts and yours as usual was so well written. What a huge step for your Mom -so glad she is settling in , it looks stunning . Love it when there is so much open space outside where you could have private time if you felt the need .
Am sure you must feel so comfortable that she is in such a good place.

Marika said...

Good Afternoon Sharon

I hope that your mother will be very happy here. It looks so calm and looks to be very organized for the elderly.

I am also greatfull for you that all went well, may you all be blessed and may she make lots of friends.

Thank you for sharing.

Have a great day.

Sandy said...

Thank for sharing your pictures Sharon. What could have been really hard turned out so lovely. What a beautiful place for your Mom. I sure do wish we had places like this where we live.

Teresa said...

Goodness Sharon that place looks beautiful, I'm only in my early 50's but I'm ready to move in it looks gorgeous. I'm pleased your Mums move went well and I'm sure she will be very happy there.
hugs Teresa xx

Colleen Holmes said...

Ah Sharon this is a lovely place and I can see why your mom is so happy to be there:) I am super happy you are finally at peace and can enjoy life to it's fullest with no worries of what is going to happen. I love you g/f and smiling from ear to ear for you! God bless:)