17 June 2012

Prisma Pencil Colouring Tutorial

Hello friends

Seems as if I am a late developer...lol   I joined Pinterest about a week ago and am amazed at the wealth of information one can find there, not to mention the beautiful decorating features and craft studios... Oh my gosh, if you haven't joined, you are missing out big time!!! 

I found a video tutorial on another Pinterest Sister's board and thought I would share it with you all. I loved colouring with my pencil crayons when I was young and viewing this tutorial (scroll down to bottom of webpage to find it) has inspired me to go look for them in my craft cupboard.  I KNOW they are somewhere, but now just to find them...lol    Hopefully you'll be inspired to go find yours after viewing this awesome tutorial by Shari Carroll on the Hero Arts website.  No spirits required, just your pencils and a bit of pressure for those dark and light areas.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Sharon x

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jimlynn said...

Oh yes, I do love Pinterest! And I just went over there, found you, and became one of your followers!
I'll check out the tutorial!