17 December 2012

How Lucky am I - Thank you Paola !

Hello friends

I've been such a bad blogger these past few months, but RL has just been so hectic and I've had one helluva year, as we all have I'm sure.  Frankly speaking, there have been times when I've felt like giving up this hobby, but somehow I've managed to plod along and as 2012 draws to a close, I still find myself here chatting with you all in blogland and managing to make a few cards here and there.  I've gained and lost a few followers, I suppose that is how it goes.  Always sad to see someone go, but then it's nice to welcome someone new again to my little corner of the world.

I've met some wonderful ladies through my blog and have made some firm friendships.  One of those friends is Paola Levi of Paola's Paper Haven.  Paola is extremely generous with her talents and I just HAD to share this absolutely stunning handmade gypsey caravan which she made and sent to ME !!! The amount of work and detail in Paola's creations is something to behold.  She has an amazing sense of attention to detail and if you had to see this creation in RL, you will see that the candle in the lantern in the front of the caravan, has a wick in it and it looks as if wax has run down the sides.  Unfortunately, my pictures can NOT pick this up, but I hope you'll be able to enjoy this stunning creation as much as I am enjoying being the owner thereof.

I was telling Paola via skype the other evening, that I don't think I would have been able to part with such an awesome creation.   Well, enough gushing from me.... excuse the quality of my pics, but I do not have one of those light boxes, so the usual spot where I take my pics had to do.  Hang on to your seats will you...lol.....

This is the front of the little caravan. Look at the steps and other detail.

Here's a closer pic, too much light...sorry! Can you see the wick in the candle?
Here's little Miss Tilda sitting at the back of the caravan. Note the bird in the birdcage.
See the ribbon she's used to look like curtains.
The opposite side of the caravan.
And finally, the roof of the caravan.
Thank you for sharing this with me.  Are you wowed or what?  Told you I was a lucky girl!   Thanks Paola, you know you made my day with this gift!
Enjoy the rest of your day.  It is a HELLISHLY hot one in Cape Town, I have just about melted away. In a few more minutes there will just be a puddle of water where I am sitting...lol
hugs Sharon xx


ursula Uphof said...

What an exquisite piece of work Sharon, no wonder you are over the moon. I am sure seeing it in real life is awesome. Hope you will have a good rest over the holidays and then feel more positive about your hobby. Do miss all your lovely creations, but we all know life sometimes can just get too hectic. Take care, hugs, Ursula

Bella said...

We are just back from the West Coast where it was a few degrees hotter than Cape Town would you believe? Took some stunning shots of my son so I can scrap them over the next few days. Love your gift, you are a lucky gal indeed!

Rose Petal said...

Oh WOW Sharon, what a beautiful gift and so detailed. I love it. I need to keep going back to look at the pictures, there is so much to see, no wonder you are thrilled to bits.
Love Sandra xxx

jimlynn said...

Sharon, this is truly amazing!! Stunning!! What a wonderful gift you received.
I'm really hoping you don't quit making cards as they're all so beautiful and you bring so much inspiration to me. I know exactly how you feel but hang in there and just keep on creating - as I love all of them!

inge said...

Your a lucky girl Sharon with such a gorgeous gift. I'm stunned, I think you can look at it forever and still notice some new details.

XX Inge

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous paper art work! Such a beautiful gift.
Amelia x

Shazza said...

wow, this is amazing, you lucky thing x