23 May 2013

Light at the end of the Tunnel....

Hello friends

As I have received a few emails asking me whether my Craftroom is ready and when I'll be crafting again, I thought I would just post a response on my blog, so that you are all in the picture.

I am pleased to report, that I can see some light at the end of the tunnel.  The carpenter has been so busy with other orders, that mine somehow got put on the back seat.  I was not pleased, but it has been a good exercise for me i.e. learning to control this impatience of mine!  When I want something, I want it NOW.... uh, hellooooooooooooo....  life does not work that way, does it?

The carpenter is coming around on Monday and Tuesday next week to sort out my Craftroom and a few other bits and pieces I have commissioned him to do.   So...... hopefully, I'll be able to start crafting by the weekend, once I've unpacked all my delicious goodies... yay!!!  It'll be like visiting a craft store all over again when I start unpacking those boxes :)

As I don't have anything new to share, I thought I'd just post a few pics of some favourites cards / crafty items of mine that I've made over the years.  I hope you like them as much as I do...

 I just love the colours of the card above. That Tilda was kindly stamped and sent to me by a friend.
I just love this stamp from Lily of the Valley.  It is a real favourite of mine.

I love the beautiful paper in the background, reminded me of strawberries.
Such a cute Tilda, which I can't wait to re-acquaint myself with.

Something totally different. This card was commissioned by a friend for an Aunt of hers.

Another style which I plan to rediscover one of these days.  I think the ladies in our
complex will go for this type of card more.

I also plan to make more of these To Do / Grocery pads, as they've been very popular in the past.
They also make cute little desktop gifts for the office worker.
I just adore Elisabeth Bell's images and can't wait to wipe the dust off this cute Penpal.
Life in the new house is just so busy and the weekends seem to be getting shorter and shorter.  There is always something to do or hang.  I've decided to have some additional brick-paving done in the front, so that's also being done next week.
We are in the throes of Autumn in South Africa and it has been the warmest Autumn that I can remember.  In Cape Town, over the past weekend, our temperatures soared to 30 degrees celsius.  I couldn't believe it, as I've always known it to get really cold and wet after the Easter weekend.  I was just telling my friend in the UK the other day that I think their Summer has moved here, as they have not had much of a Summer at all...  
I hope you are all well.  Would love to hear what you've been up to, as I am hoping to be back in my craft seat within the next week or so.... so please watch this space :)
Thanks so much for popping by!
hugs Sharon x



ursula Uphof said...

Good luck Sharon, hope you get to enjoy your new craft room soon. I will enjoy being back in mine after a 5 week holiday with our family in The Netherlands more like a winter holiday than spring. Hugs Ursula

Catherine said...

Hi Sharon ! It is so nice to hear from you and to know that soon you will be back to crafting ! Your creations are so adorable ! Can't wait to see more ! We are still freezing here... I am so fed up with it ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Sharon said...

Good to hear from you Sharon. How nice it will be to unpack all your crafty goodies - we want lots of pictures of your new room!!! I am always rearranging my craft room and it would be lovely to empty it of everything and start reorganising it from fresh.
Hugs Sharon x

Colleen Holmes said...

Love you g/f and so happy you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I made a card yesterday with a SK image which I had to buy after receiving a gorgeous card you made and sent to me last year. good luck with your craft room! XOXO

Marika said...

Hi Sharon

So nice to hear the latest news. I am very happy for you. So much to look forward to. Please remember the pictures.

Have fun and keep well.

Desire Fourie said...

Oooh, I cant wait to see your new crafting space - patience is a virtue they say lol. Your creations are gorgeous and such a wonderful ensemble of your beautiful creative style.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Riet said...

Wat is dit allemaal schitterend gemaakt Sharon.

Liefs Riet.x

Moz said...

Missed you Shazi Hun! So glad you have settled in and looking forward to catching up on you more regularly.
Warm Hugz

Kat W said...

It's lovely to see some of your favourite creations and I look forward to seeing your new ones soon :-)
Kat xx

Cindy :) said...

hey hun :) so happy to hear from you, your the first to comment on my post about finally being able to get back into my blog!! Wow....yes I do have a ton of catching up to do, my goodness! I have been to your blog several times, as I come with every post you do but was unable to let you know. Your house is looking great, love that table in front of the window a few posts back, gorgeous :) can't wait to see you in your room creating again, I sooo look forward to your creations, especially your magnolia cards. Guess what?!?! I am the proud owner of several magnolia's now tooo. Our only LSS is closing the end of this month and I was there for the big sales of their stuff. I couldn't let the magnolia's go at 25 AND 50% OFF, I have wanted them for sooo long!!
I sure do hope that cabinet guy is there working on your space, tell him the crafty world is feeling blue and we need you back pronto!!! LOL
big inky hugs hun, missing you and your creations :)

Cindy :) said...

gosh I forgot to comment on all those gorgeous creations, I love the one with the strawberry background too but my fave card is the one your sent to me quite sometime ago now, I still love that card sooo much, Tilda doing the hoola hoop...love your design, your colouring, everything about it and I look at if often as I keep it out on the wall of cards I have received from all my crafty friends, that card is one of my all time faves, ty again for it and the goodies you sent with it. I could never ty enough as you really made my day :) big inky hugs love ya

Christine Dol said...

A new craft room! You must be soooo excited! I can hardly wait to see some pictures! I remember a lot of your cards you posted and it was nice to see them again! Beautifully done. Just think, soon, you will have a place to go to create again some more beauties!