07 June 2013

New Signatures - Do you like?

Hello friends

I have been wanting a special signature for absolute ages, so about 2 days ago I placed an order and the lovely Ann Vento from the Whimsy Store website designed these for me. 

My daughter Kendall has liked dragonflies since she was a young child, so I just had to get this style signature too.  Hope you like them?

Now I just need to figure out how to convert the png images to jpg so that I can use them as a watermark on my cards?  Help!


I have managed to sort myself out. Thanks to those who have emailed me, but I managed to figure how to save my Signatures myself.


Rene Sharp said...

LOVELY my friend, they will add the perfect touch to your cards. I (when I remember!), use PhotoShop to add my signature, then change the opacity so that it appears a little see through. I wish I could help more. Have a nice weekend xx

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous Sharon, I have had my watermark for 2 years and still not figured out how to use it, so if you do let me know! Lol
Kat xx

Moz said...

Stunning Shaz!
Like Kat I would also appreciate your help.
Have a super weekend.

Shazza said...

love them!!