10 July 2013

12 July 2013 - Blog Party in Blogland

My friend Paola informed me of this forthcoming Party a few weeks ago.  She said she was joining this year and suggested that I should too.  But what can I share, I asked ?  Well, after a bit of gentle persuasion, I thought what the heck, and asked to join the Party.  So, now I am com-mit-ted...LOL

If you visit the hostess, Karen Valentine's blog, you can read all about it.  It is a Party for ALL types of Craft.  Last year there were scrapbookers and fibre artists, jewelery designers and painters, mixed media artists and paper crafters (that's us).

It appears to be great FUN, so do pop around on Friday morning, not only to see what I will be sharing, but what other Bloggers will be sharing too. The list is growing by the day.  (If you scroll down the right hand side of Karen's blog, you will find the list under this heading)

It is an opportunity to meet new friends and to take a peek inside someone else's craft den.  It may even inspire you (us) to start another Blog to showcase your (our) other talents...woohooo!

I  hope to see you  THERE!


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Petra Swart said...

Hi, Sharon. I visited Karin's blog to have a look at the entries last year, but boy, the people would laugh like never before if they had to see MY crafting space!! Total mess!! LOL! Nothing is organized and everything is spread all over the place! ... even the floor is a mess!! LOL! ...won't say anything more!! I'll join the hop on Friday to look at everybody else's studio's, and then dream of the day that I might also have a studio to show to the world!!