12 July 2013

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Good day and a very warm welcome to you All

You have arrived at the southernmost tip of the African continent.  The country I live in is South Africa, and at the tip of this continent, is the beautiful coastal city of Cape Town.  This is my home town.  I get to see the majestic Table Mountain, one of the many Wonders of the World, every single day.  Please take time to click on the links.  I have not added any photographs, as some of them are copyrighted.
Firstly, a huge thank you to Karen Valentine from **My Desert Cottage** for organising this event. I heard about it from a friend and was encouraged to take part this year.  It is my very first time and I am beyond excited to be a part of this party.

If you want to know a little bit more about me, you can view my complete Profile on my Blog.  I am an avid Blogger and Card-maker and I try to expand my horizon by attempting to create other forms of papercraft. Since joining blogland about 4 years ago, I have met many wonderful Crafters and hopefully this event will provide the opportunity of meeting new friends.  I  hope you enjoy taking a peeking into my crafty world and I look forward to visiting you too during the course of the next few weeks.

Right, with formalities out of the way, let's get started shall we?  The first photograph is of my Craft Room. This is where I get to play in the evenings and weekends, as I work full day.  It was only completed 3 weeks ago, so everything is still brand spanking new!  

I proudly designed the room myself and the carpenter did the rest.  Although small, this room is incredibly cosy.  Once inside, I forget about the time and before I know it, it is midnight and I have to hit the sack or else I'll be late for work the next day.  I have never had a designated Craft Room before, so I really feel blessed to have this room, where I don't have to pack my things away before I retire for the evening.  You will note as we go along that I only have pictures of one side of the room.  The reason for this is that I share the room with my daughter, who is an Attorney.  Her side is more formal than mine.

Moving from left to right (above), you can see that I have created a narrow shelf just above my workstation, where I have displayed some of my wooden sentiments.  It is great to be able to see them when you are making a card, instead of them being hidden away in a box somewhere.  If you're like me, I tend to forget what stamps I have if they are not right under my   I also have some ribbon and flowers on the upper shelf, which are easy to come by when decorating my cards.  The little pencils in the jar are what I use when making my little Notepads.  They are excellent gifts and sell well too.  I have included 2 for you to view.

Now just below the shelf where my wooden sentiments stamps are displayed, is my work area and here is a close up pic.  As you can see, my Copic Colour Chart is close at hand, as well as all my glues (in the oval white container), to the right of that in the pink drawers I keep my Memento Ink pads (I love stamping my images with Rich Cocoa) and the white drawers house a variety of products, viz. ready stamped and cut sentiments, double-sided sticky foam tape to create dimension on my cards, tiny scissors, etc.

As we are in our Winter season, the coffee mug is always close at hand and filled!  In Summer, it is a completely different story, as temperatures here soar to over 40 degrees celsius.  The little red fan helps to cool me down, when I have one of my "power surges"...LOL

My favourite medium of colouring for now are COPICS and I store them in these very sturdy plastic containers, purchased from our local Plastic Warehouse store. This really works for me, as I can move and place them next to me when I colour. I can also stack them on top of each other, if I am working with a variety of colours.

Here is a card I made recently using my Copics.  I feel I still have a lot to learn as far as the colouring technique goes, but one needs time to practice these things.  Under my TUTORIALS page on my Blog, I have saved a variety of links to video's showing you the Copic method of colouring.

Magnolia stamps are my absolute favourite stamps for now.  I am also partial to the very talented Elisabeth Bell's stamps and Clare Rowland's, Molly Bloom stamps.  I just love making cute, girly cards, but realise that it is not everyone's taste, so I try to make a variety of cards. Below are 2 of my latest creations.

Right... shall we move on?  I've stepped further back, so that you can get a good view of the entire bookshelf above my work area.  As you can see, there are a variety of Cards and other Crafty projects right on top. Some are my own creations, others are what I have received from friends worldwide. I love my Teddy Bears, so they need to be showcased too.  At one time, I went on a Teddy Bear-making course and sold quite a few of them.  The jars on the left hand side of the shelf is where I store my Card Candy and below that I have plastic containers where I store my Beads, Brads, Buttons, Charms and my favourite accessory item... Pearls.

Here is the container where I store my flat-backed Pearls. I absolutely love them.  I am not a "bling" girl i.e. rhinestones do not tickle my fancy, but Pearls sure do!

I also store my Buttons in a similar container.  I, unfortunately, do not use these items as much as I should on my work.

In my Craft Room I have 4 plastic sets of drawers.  Each set has 3 deep drawers. You will see these in a pic later on.  This is where I store items that do not fit on the shelves, for example, excess flowers and ribbon.  I love ribbon, but use flowers sparingly on my cards, as they are so costly.  My friend mocks me at times by telling me to use them, as I can always buy some more... Yeah right, I don't have an unlimited craft budget ! LOL

Moving along, you'll see I have some lovely coloured boxes on those shelves.  I just love pretty boxes. This is where I store all my RUBBER stamps.  Each box is clearly marked with the Artist or Company's Name. Amongst my collection, I have Bildmalarna, Elisabeth Bell, Lily of the Valley, Magnolia, Molly Bloom, a variety of Sentiments and Whiff of Joy, to mention a few.  I have provided links for those of you who are not familiar with these names. 

As Magnolia stamps are my favourite stamps for now, I have 2 boxes full of them.  

They are stored in empty CD cases which are numbered (see below).

Each CD container has 1 or 2 Magnolia stamps inside, depending on the size of the stamp.  I stamp and paste the images on the front cover. Above each stamp I write the Name of the Stamp and at times, which Collection they are from.  I also write the name of the Store where I purchased it from, at the bottom of the image.  This really helps me when typing out my posts.  I don't have time to search for the names of the stamps online or struggle to remember which Store I purchased it from.

These are then stamped and catalogued into a book.  When I require a stamp for a card, I open my book, search for a stamp, which has the CD number next to it and then I retrieve it from the relevant box.

Below is a cute wooden container which I purchased the other day.  This is where I store my Camera, the Camera cord and Batteries. These are very important items for when you are blogging.   As my time is precious, I need things to be on their place, so that I don't waste time LOOKING for them.  OK, so the pics and labels don't quite match what is inside, but this was not a custom-made item.  At least I know what is inside and that's the most important thing !

To the right of me or behind me is my wall-to-ceiling cupboard, where I store my 12x12 sheets of cardstock, patterned paper and other crafty items.  Things don't look 100% to my liking as yet, but this is Work In Progress.

I also have a small collection of Upikit and Fiskars punches, but my favourites are the Martha Stewart ones.  I store them on one of the shelves, so that I can see them all the time.  Out of sight, out of mind, so I need them near me, so that I can see what I have.

We are almost done, promise!  I only have 3 more pics to share with you.  If you're still with me, congratulations! Karen said she'd love us to post as many pics as we can and I certainly hope I haven't disappointed her or

I would just like to share the contents of this box with you. As my crafting time is limited, I need to have some items ready for use straightaway.  This box is filled with pre-scored and folded white cards, with matching envelopes, so that I can just grab them when I need them !  

Here is the pic (see below) which I promised you earlier of my big plastic drawers.  This is where I store a variety of craft items, for example, excess ribbon and flowers, my plates for my Cuttlebug, my Dies and padded envelopes for when I need to send a gift to a fellow Crafter.  Did I mention that I like having everything at my fingertips ?  The high-back chair is a wonderful luxury, as I can sit and play for hours in this room, without experiencing any backache.

I have met some wonderful people through my Blog, whom I have the pleasure of calling Friend.  Although many miles may divide us, modern technology has brought us closer together and we spend many an hour chatting and crafting whilst at our desks, during our Skype sessions.

And what would a Craft Room be without Music, huh?  Here is my trusty little Radio/CD player, which I listen to whilst I craft.  A must for every craft room.  Don't you agree?

Before I end this lengthy post, it just wouldn't be right if I did not mention my trusty little companion, who spends time with me when I sit and craft.  She is our gorgeous fur-baby, Nikita.  She is 9 months old and we love her to bits.   As you can see, Madam Fiffy loves climbing onto my shelves.

That's finally a wrap from me.  I must thank you for taking the time to pop around to my Blog.  I hope you have enjoyed your visit and that you have found some valuable tips and ideas too.  If you have the time, please browse through the rest of my blog to view some of my creations.

However, if you're rushed for time, consider following me on Google Friend Connect or Bloglovin' and you can always pop around later for another visit.  You can also find me on Pinterest.  There is a link on my Blog.  I'd love to welcome you to my group of friends.

Please leave a comment before you go, as I so enjoy reading them.  Enjoy the rest of your blog-hopping.



Marika said...

Hi Sharon

Oh my, that was so much fun. Loved to see your crafting space as it is now. Your space really is inspiring, no wonder you create such beautiful cards. I can imagine loosing track of time when you are in there, everything is so organized and it looks stunning.

Thank you for sharing and keep the beautiful cards coming.

As it is almost weekend, my wish for you is a wonderful weekend with lots of crafting time.


Desire Fourie said...

Sharon this was a delightful tour of your wonderful craft room you took us on. You are seriously organised and of course Nikita is the cherry on top. I love your cards abd the littke note pads which are akso great gift ideas. Totally agree, we live in the most beautiful country,
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

OlgaB said...

Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven with us. I have to compliment you, you place is so neat and organised. Love the gentile colours you've chosen for your room. May you be blessed with a lot of crafting hours and thank you for being a blessing to us, with your beautiful creations!
Have a beautiful day!

Always with a Sentiment said...

Hi Sharon. Well, as I am one of the lucky ones who has seen this room transformed from bare walls with nothing in there, to this most AMAZING CRAFTROOM, I feel I have been truly blessed to share this journey with you Sharon. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
I know how much you love it in there, and I wish you lots of wonderful happy crafting hours.
Speak later.
Love Sandra xxx

Imtithaal Dawood said...

Wow Sharon :) I definitely have a better insight into your passion for card making. Your room is absolutely gorgeous and so well organised. I love how structured and beautiful everything is! Much Love Imtithaal

Imtithaal Dawood said...

Wow Sharon. I definitely have a greater insight into your passion for cards :) I absolutely love your room and how structured and beautiful everything is. It is abundantly clear how much you enjoy spending time in your room and being creative! Much Love Imtithaal

Moz said...

Awesome room and fabulous post Shaz! You have done a fantastic job and I know the feeling, at the end of the day, walking into your favorite space where all that you love is at your fingertips - pure heaven! Enjoy your creative space. You've earned it dear!

Petra Swart said...

WOW, Sharon, I really, really enjoyed this tour of your wonderfully organized craft room. How I wish that I was that organized as well! This is really a dream room and I can just imagine how nice it is to spend time here with your sweet little Nikita watching what you are doing! Have fun crafting! Hugz from a very windy George today!

Michaele Sommerville said...

Oh Sharon, I LOVE your creative space! It reminds me so much of my own, perhaps not in color, but in purpose and ~feel~. I'm sorry my post wasn't live when you visited earlier, but it's up and running now if you'd like to return and take a look around my craft room.


Thank you for sharing,

Michaele @ Twigs and Tulle

Vicki Boster said...

Hi Sharon- your crafting space is absolutely perfect-- I'm totally jealous of your organization!! I love the photos of your flat back pearls-- I could just drool over those. Your paper creations are just lovely---

How wonderful that you are participating from Cape Town-- blogging is so amazing. Welcome---


Crealin said...

Oh my dear friend, it's been such a long time but it's such a joy to see your craftroom. It's heaven on earth, I'm so happy for you! Enjoy this beautiful room to make your gorgeous creations!

Big happy hug,

Lins x

Carmen said...

Hi, Sharon. Your creative space reminds me of a candy store - so pink, sweet, and delicious! :-) I really like how you store your buttons and flat-backed pearls. What a great idea. I think I need to do this, too. Thanks for letting me see your space!

Diana Seal said...

Hi, Sharon. Thanks for stopping at my blog and leaving a sweet comment!
WoW, what a wonderful creative space you have, so bright and cheery. Your cards are gorgeous, HiHi love your Kitty Cat, reminds me of mine!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful space.
Have a great weekend!
Your newest follower,

Jennifer M. said...

Your crafty space is amazing! I'm so jealous of how organized you are. It is perfect. Thank you for the lovely tour and for the great organization tips.If I had a room like yours, I would never leave! LOL :-)

Enjoy your weekend.

Annette said...

What a very pretty space you have. I love the colors and your cards are so sweet! Nikita looks very content on the shelf! Thank you for the tour.

Amelia Breytenbach said...

A craftroom to dream of - thanks for sharing your wonderful space!

Lovey said...

Such a beautiful space you have...and filled with goodies to create your precious cards with!! Nice...

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

Your card supplies are neatly stored, and I know what you mean about stamps out of sight.
Love the kitty on the shelf, it's nice to have our furbabies by our side as we create.

Art and Sand said...

Okay, after seeing your space, mine doesn't seem organized at all.

Your space is soothing and calm with all the pastel colors surrounding you.

Next I am going to organize my stamps like yours.

Thanks for the inspiration

Sue @ Miss Phoebes Perch said...

Thank you for letting us visit your lovely studio and sharing your beautiful creations with us. I love your little cat, and also the ways in which you store your stamps! Sue

Tammy said...

I love how cheery your studio is! Everything is so organized and right within reach. My favorite might be Nikita. She looks very sweet!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your creative space, Sharon! Your creations are so pretty and I love the images you use. The pretty boxes are wonderful for storage. I just wish my brain didn't need to see what I've got, so I have clear storage.

Riet Kamstra said...

Wow Sharon, just love your craft room, it's beautiful! and I also got a few ideas here how to organize my craft supplies. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon - Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. I enjoyed touring your cozy craft space. I especially liked your shelves for storing/displaying your rubber stamps. I also love all your cards. So pretty!

Mari Brown and Colourblob said...

Cute space and lots of great storage. I like the old CD cases for storing stamps, thats a great idea.

And your kitty is very cute!!!

Maureen said...

Well, hello Sharon, from the other side of the world, we are exactly 12 hours and two seasons apart! So great to have found you through Karen's great party! I see you have created some beautiful creations with Magnolia stamps; I too love them! Your kitty is so beautiful (I have three!) and your blog kitty blinking at me is adorable too.

Now your room! What a wonderful place to create! So bright and cheerful and so organized! I love all the ways you have found to store and display your supplies.

I will be sure to Follow you; I want to be sure to visit on a regular basis!

farmhouse-story said...

such a great spot to create in, sharon! your cards are just beautiful and your storage is amazing and pretty!