15 March 2015

At long last, a few new Cards

Hi Everyone

I finally sat down today to make a few cards for an order and thought I would share them with you all.  What a mission it was!!  I was getting so frustrated with myself, as I haven't crafted so long, I forgot which plates to use to emboss using the Cuttlebug.  I eventually had to search Google for an answer,  Eventually things started to come back to me...lol

Well, here they are, nothing too fancy, but they really look so much prettier in real life.  I hope the person who ordered them will like them.

The garden has been keeping me away from my craftdesk and I am really enjoying it, especially as we come closer to the end of our Summer.   After the Easter weekend, we can start getting the warmer clothes ready, as it starts getting more chilly this side of the world.  

And for those who often ask how our little fur babies are doing.  As you can see for yourself, they are very well...lol

Our pretty Nikita

My beautiful boy, Achilles
(he's a Raisin rescue kitty)

Thanks to those who will be popping by to see what I have created.  If you'd like to leave a comment just to say Hi, that would be nice.

Would like to hear how many of you are still blogging regularly, as all the activity is on FB, Twitter and Instagram.  That's where you'll find me, when I have the time.

Happy crafting!

Warm wishes


ursula Uphof said...

Lovely cards Sharon. So nice to see something from you. I know what you mean about the garden keeping you busy. Hugs Ursula

Catherine said...

It's so great to hear from you Sharon ! Your cards are gorgeous Sweetie... I didn't know you have another kitty... Achilles is adorable ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

carrie said...

Hello from the other side of the world. I love your tea card. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Hugs, Carrie

Amelia Breytenbach said...

The cards are beautiful Sharon, great to see you back. Enjoy your garden. Your kitties are so beautiful!

Petra Swart said...

Jy het definitief nie jou slag verloor met kaartjies maak nie, vriendin!!!! And thank goodness for Google, hey!!! Your cards are beautiful and surely the person who ordered it will love it!!!! Great use of colour on all the cards!!! So nice to see cards from you again, Sharon!!!!
Your garden looks beautiful and your two little babies ...sooooo sweet and adorable!!!
I'm still blogging!!! Don't know how FB works - can that really replace a blog?? - I find blogging the perfect platform for sharing cards, but that's maybe because I don't know FB, Twitter and Instagram!!! Bietjie agter die klip ne!!! Maybe one day when I'm old and grey I might want to join FB!!!! In the mean time blogging and Pinterest will have to do!!!!
So nice chatting to you again, Sharon!!!
Have a great Tuesday!!!
Have to be off to bed now!!!

Carina Els said...

Hi liewe Sharon

Pragtig! lekker om weer na jou mooi kaartjies te kyk. Dankie dat jy met ons deel. Hou so aan asb.
Liefde Carina