10 October 2016

Baby Shower Project

Good Day

I receive an order to create items for a Baby Shower, which included
  • 20 (which later turned out to be 40) Thank You cards
  • 40 Gift Tags to place on gifts and
  • 40 cards for guests to write the Baby a special wish and 
  • 40 folded tent cards for the food table

I thought a book would be a better option instead of giving each guest a card to write their wish on, as Mommy-to-be could then page through the book afterwards and present it to the baby at her 21st.   I suggested this to my client and she was quite happy for me to go ahead with the idea. As there are more than 40 pages in the book, I thought the guests could also share some advice for the new parents-to-be and sign who they are in the family tree.  So I typed out instructions to place in the inside, so that each guest can read what is expected of them.  I unfortunately did not take a photo of that inside cover.

Here are a few photo's I took in preparation for what I made. The theme was Pink/Silver/Grey and the white offsets those colours perfectly. For non-crafty people visiting my blog, the process starts with a design in your head or you may need inspiration and that's when you browse Pinterest.  Once you've decided what you want, you need to create that with paper.  I usually create one as a mock-up and if I like what I've created, then it's full steam ahead.  Then it's a flurry of typing, printing, cutting, punching, layering, sticking with glue and double sided tape.

 Here I have printed the message for the Thank You card. My mock-up card is on the left.

Cutting all the cards and then having to resize and cut again   

 Same process all over again

Punching out all the Thank You sentiments

 And finally we have our perfect 3x4 card

I really love the colour and design. So pleased I took the pics as it will be nice to 
refer to later on should I need to do something similar.

Here follow some more photo's of the other items I made:

The tent cards for the food table

The Baby Wish Book which has been recovered and decorated.

I added a triple layer of butterflies, adding some lovely sparkly gems down the centre

Here are the gift tags, as I believe each guest will take home a small gift

And here's the final presentation, all gifted and ready to hand over to the client
and proud to say, everything is HAND CRAFTED!

[Just received an sms from my client, she is very happy with the result.... yay!!! 
That makes me so happy too!]

It took me 6.5 hours to complete this task and I ended up going to bed at 02:00 on Sunday morning. The increase in quantity threw me a bit, but these things happen and you just roll with the dice... lol... which meant that the project took a lot longer than I had anticipated. 

After this project I have the greatest respect for those artists who do this for a living.  It's time-consuming and if you're a bit of a perfectionist like me, even more so, as you check every detail. After all,  it's only held together with paper and glue !

I've said this on more than one occasion.  I just love working with a blank canvas, initially not knowing what I'm going to create, but once the creative juices start flowing, then I'm on my way.  It is so rewarding sitting back at the end of each project and admiring what you've made with your own 2 hands. The compliments are confirmations that you've nailed it! 

Later that morning, I decided that it was a good time to clean out all the drawers, move my beautiful Planners (another hobby of mine) to another side of the room, etcetera.   I had a cute little companion to keep me company. This is my neighbour's beautiful daughter and she's a regular visitor to our home. This is her special time with us, when Boetie (Brother) is not around.  She has her own box of craft goodies, which we keep for her for when she pops around to play. Such a special girl and so well-mannered (well done Lilian).  It a pleasure having her around ! 

That's it from me.  I hope my little project will inspire you to create something of your own today. Thanks for popping by, I appreciate every visitor.
Take care.


Wilma Knottenbelt said...

Your baby shower project really turned out beautifully. The colour combination and all the little details really makes it super special and professional looking. I also love your neighbour's little girl coming over to play. What a treat for her.

Carina Els said...

Liewe Sharon

Een woord Pragtig! jy mag maar. Wens ek was jou buur dogtertjie sy kan so baie by jou leer.

Eddy Sutrisno said...

Your greeting card crafting looks awesome and is beautifully inspiring.

Ansu Badenhorst said...

Loveley Project!