10 June 2017

The Mother of All Storms....

The mother of all storms hit Cape Town this past week.  We prayed for rain for our drought-stricken province and although the rain that came with the storm was most welcome, we just stood in disbelief at the horrendous destruction the winds caused. 

It has been the worst storm in over 30 years and the photographs that have been shared on FB have blown my mind away.  I just had to capture this natural event in my traveller's notebook. In years to come I'll probably be saying "remember that storm of 2017?"  Document your everyday life friends, someone in your family will find it interesting to read.

2 spectacular photographs shared freely on FB of the storm clouds approaching Cape Town

Trees uprooted, gale force winds, look at those trees
and the waves were metres high, pummeling onto over onto the Sea Point promenade

And then just a few hours away on the other side of our coast, a huge fire started in Knysna and the wind just played havoc with it and it spread like wildfire.  It is the worst fire to have hit Knysna in 45 years. There are beautiful holiday homes in Knysna, which is a town situated along our scenic Garden Route. All those homes, homes of residents that live there permanently, as well as the informal settlements,  have been reduced to ashes. Tragic that lives have been lost. We pray that the rains we are experiencing on our side, will quickly make its way to their side, as the fire-fighters are unable to control that raging fire right now.

Those smokey clouds so close to that shopping mall.
The flames are too large and wild for those fire-fighters to handle.

Although a sad and tragic disaster, it forms part of our everyday life, so I had to document it.
 This is the storm and fire of 2017!

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Naola said...

Wow Sharon. This is really amazing. Never have the thought to do this. Love it. Really very thoughtsome of you. Hugs for the cold

chilli pip said...

I think I need to document the Knysna fire in some way even though I wont forget it in a hurry) Love this idea