11 April 2015

Card in a Box

Well did I have fun this afternoon.  DD asked me to make her a card for a friend who is expecting a Baby Girl.  They are having a baby shower for her at the office one of these days.

I didn't want to make a normal square card again, so I thought I would try out the "Card in a Box" which is so popular.  I haven't had the time to try it out, so thought I'd just do a little "dummy" one this afternoon.  As it turns out, the "dummy" wasn't so bad, so it'll be making it's way to the office...lol

I viewed a tutorial on the internet and started prepping...  Cut my paper to the required measurements that were given, scored and cut as instructed further. Tape on the right will stick to the other side of the cardstock when I close it, to form the box.

Then I looked around for some baby stickers and pasted them onto the black cardstock, 
as I think the black makes them "pop" !

As you can see, the box is closed and now I can start decorating the inside.

And here is the final project.  Pic taken from the front.

Here is a side view so that you can see the different layers.

Another side view.

And one from the Top.

And then finally, this is what it looks like when you lay it flat.
It fits perfectly into an envelope.

The "mother-to-be" loves Owls, hence the owl.

Thanks for popping by to see what I have created today.

As some of my regulars will know, I am a huge OUTLANDER Fan, so it was
just a matter of time before I did a project life layout of Outlander.  I still have much more to do.

I am also busy embellishing my project life cards...  So, as you can see, I am very busy.

Thanks so much for popping by. 
Happy Crafting!


29 March 2015

2 New Cards

Hi Everyone

I am back again with 2 new cards to share.  Two very plain birthday cards, which Kendall asked me to make for her.

The paper was so pretty, it didn't need anything else to stand out.
The butterflies are embossed and some are glittered.

I have had this paper for ages, so it was nice being able to use them.

And my little companion this afternoon has been my little toffee apple... Achilles.  Not that he was much help, as you can see he is snoring away.  What a wonderful life he has!

Hope you've managed to find some time to craft this weekend.  I'm off to print a few pics for my project life album.

If you're a Pinterest enthusiast, you can find me there as well.  I have a Beautiful Cards board, which I often refer to for inspiration.

Thanks ever so much to those who left a comment on my previous post. It was so nice of you to pop by.

Warm wishes, Sharon

15 March 2015

At long last, a few new Cards

Hi Everyone

I finally sat down today to make a few cards for an order and thought I would share them with you all.  What a mission it was!!  I was getting so frustrated with myself, as I haven't crafted so long, I forgot which plates to use to emboss using the Cuttlebug.  I eventually had to search Google for an answer,  Eventually things started to come back to me...lol

Well, here they are, nothing too fancy, but they really look so much prettier in real life.  I hope the person who ordered them will like them.

The garden has been keeping me away from my craftdesk and I am really enjoying it, especially as we come closer to the end of our Summer.   After the Easter weekend, we can start getting the warmer clothes ready, as it starts getting more chilly this side of the world.  

And for those who often ask how our little fur babies are doing.  As you can see for yourself, they are very well...lol

Our pretty Nikita

My beautiful boy, Achilles
(he's a Raisin rescue kitty)

Thanks to those who will be popping by to see what I have created.  If you'd like to leave a comment just to say Hi, that would be nice.

Would like to hear how many of you are still blogging regularly, as all the activity is on FB, Twitter and Instagram.  That's where you'll find me, when I have the time.

Happy crafting!

Warm wishes

24 August 2014

Some cards to share...

Hi there all

Wondering what to do with the mountain of scraps you have stashed away ?
Make some mini cards, like I did today.
Really... there is nothing to this.  the only embellishment I placed on these cards
is a single pearl

I hope my cards will inspire you to make a few of your own.

Thanks for popping by. Do leave a comment before you leave so that I know you've been visiting.

Warm wishes

21 August 2014

A Little bit of This... and That !

Hello friends

Driving to work in a hailstorm was certainly no joke this morning.  It's one thing standing on your patio watching these falling miniature golf balls pouring down from the Heavens onto your lawn, but it sure is another thing... and a scary one at that... driving in a hailstorm.  It was my first and I found it pretty scary.  Thought they were going to dent my car and at one time I even contemplated pulling over to the side of the road, the visibility was so bad.  But, a few minutes later it was all over as if nothing had happened.  Funny thing that, about hailstorms, don't you think ?  In any event, I made it to work ok.

As it was so cold, my friend and I went for lunch and a lovely Mocachino -my first!

Made these cupcake toppers for a Women's event my DD is attending on Saturday morning.
70 in total.

We were wondering how to adhere those little sucker sticks onto the circled paper and
my dear friend came up with the idea to use Washi Tape. Now why didn't I think of that ?

Merrypak had a fabulous range of Washi Tapes, so these came home with me.
I don't really use Washi Tape... this is the first time and I found it quite nifty to have.

Thanks for popping by to see what I have to share with you today.

Still cold in Cape Town... Winter is kicking her heels in, she does not want to leave without a fight!

Keep warm, hugs

11 August 2014

Project Life: Our Sunday Drive To The Beach

Hello friends

What a lovely weekend we had.  August is actually our worst Winter month, but the sun shone beautifully on Saturday and Sunday.
As a result, we set off early yesterday morning for a drive to the beach and I took
a few photo's for my Project Life album which I will share with you now.

These are not the best pics.  I just can't seem to get nice one's of my project, but at least
it gives you an idea of what Project Life is all about. In real life, these pages are absolutely 
bright and beautiful!
The themed cards are called SUMMER, from the Project Pages collection, 

Capturing memories is so easy with the Pocket Pages™ Journaling cards.
Each package contains 72 cards (12 - 4" x 6" cards and 60 - 3"x 4" cards). 
There is a huge variety of horizontal and vertical layouts and each card has a journaling grid
or dots printed on the back!  I just love them!

This is what the double-paged layout looks like in the album.

* * *

Here are a few of the pics I took at the beach, which are in the layouts above.
I hope this will be clearer for you to view and hope you enjoy seeing my part of the world.

 This is Bloubergstrand and in the background is Table Mountain.

Can you believe that there were children swimming in the cold Atlantic ocean?

This is the beach road along the coastline.
Property here is expensive, as you can imagine with that view.

A visit is not a visit if you don't visit Milky Lane (sadly, what's left of it). 
When I was younger it used to be the sought after ice cream parlour to visit on a Sunday. 
SO disappointed to see that this is all that is left of the original place.

hmmmmm..... nothing nicer than a lovely sugared ice cream cone dipped in caramel sauce, 
with a flake to boot!!!  The hips are already well padded, so an extra inch won't make a different...LOL

I think their little ice cream holders are so pretty, don't you ?

Thanks for popping by.  Do leave a comment before you go, as I so enjoy reading them.

Take care

06 August 2014

Project Life

Hello friends

What have I been busy with lately ?
I undertook the mammonth task of documenting all our family photographs the Project Life way.
You can how Project Life was created on Becky Higgins' blog here.  I have never been a traditional scrap booker, but this type of scrapbooking appeals to me.

All you need to complete an album are the following:
A 12x12  Album

and then you are set to go

Here are some of the core kits I have purchased. They come in beautiful sturdy boxes.
There are limited stock available in South Africa, but I managed to get some from the Scrapbook Studio in Jeffrey's Bay.  If you pop over there now, Cariena has discounts on the stock that she has.

Takealot also have some kits at discounted prices. You can find them here.
The Wholesaler also have kits, but you can not purchase from them directly, unless you own a store.
You could ask your local scrapbook shop to order from them for you.

If you are used to purchasing online, then you can always look for a retailer overseas to purchase
your kits from.

I have opened one of the kits for you to look at what is inside. See how nice and compact it is.

Via the Project Life FB group I belong to, I found out about a store called 
Me And My Big Ideas (MAMBI), which are based in the USA.
They ship internationally and South Africa is on their list... woohooo!!! 
They have a huge variety of MINI card kits, so I ordered some of them for my project.
Their service is fantastic and I'll be shopping there again soon. 
 I found their cards are a bit thinner than the BH's range of cards, but they are just as beautiful!
See my stash below.

I then needed some storage space to hold these cards, but needed something that I could
place on my desk so that I can see them, instead of them being hidden away in a box.
I found these neat little card organisers from Typo and they are just perfect for storing my lovely stash!

I then went further and bought myself a little Canon Selphy printer, so that I can print photographs
from my computer or cell phone, instead of having to take a memory card to the photoshop.
Now ain't this cute or what ??

Thanks for popping by to see what I had to share with you all. 
I hope it has inspired you to get those old photographs out of the drawer, so that you can document your memories not only for yourself, but for future generations too.  I am sure the grandchildren will enjoy
reading your journal cards written in your own handwriting too.

03 August 2014

Cards to Share...

What a lovely relaxing morning it has been.  I haven't made cards for a while, as I have been busy
documenting our family photographs, the Project Life way.  I will share what I've been doing
in a separate post, but for now, allow me to share some cards I whipped up this morning,
as my daughter wants to take some to work tomorrow.
Hope you like them.

 For the card above, I have used an image from LOTV's Set 3 Wild Flowers art pad.
I have very few of them left, so am pleased that I ordered one of the newer one's that are out.

 I like the bold red colours of this image.  It can be found in the Set 24 English Charm from
LOTV's art pad collection.

 I am not a lover of birds on cards, but these little birdhouses I found quite sweet.
Also from the Set 24, English Charm art pad collection.

This image is also from Set 24 and I love that little front door with all the flowers, don't you?
Gently embellished with a few pearls and MS's Butterfly punch.

Thanks for popping by to view my creations.  If you have the time, please leave a comment.