07 September 2016

Some Cards to Share

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been so busy it's not funny!  I am not complaining, as I like to be busy and it is so rewarding seeing the fruits of one's labour at the end of the day.

I received a few orders for some cards, which I only make on order nowadays. Thought I'd just share these with you all.

This is a card for someone who was going on Retirement. My client was
extremely happy with the card and the whole office commented on it.

These cards turned out so beautifully. They were for a client who had just
lost her father and she wanted some Thank You cards for her mother.

 This card turned out so beautifully. It was an order from an elderly neighbour 
for his wife's birthday. I hope she liked it as much as I enjoyed making it.

This is my very first shaker card.  I didn't want to waste any of the sequins,
hence the small hole in case I made a mess, but it turned out OK for a first attempt.

Creating and designing cards is such fun and so rewarding. I love starting out with a blank canvas and then sitting back and admiring what I've created.  Don't you?

I have more to share, but will save that for another post.  Thanks to those who pop by and leave a comment.

28 July 2016

Busy Busy Busy

Life has unfortunately got so busy again.  My good intentions of posting more regularly just flew out the window.  Anyone feel the same?

I took a photograph of my Craftroom, which I absolutely adore but I think it's really time for a makeover.  Something to ADD to my TO DO List, which seems to be getting longer by the minute. I think I'll tackle that project during the holidays at the end of the year.

As many will know, I just love my little garden and have started a Garden Journal to write down all the ideas that I have in my head, so that I don't forget them.  I also cut out pics from magazines or Pinterest that I'd like for my garden and patio areas and I write down notes next to them to remind me of my thoughts for that particular look I like.  I also paste tips for pruning, what plants to plant in the different seasons and by when, so that I'm clued up and able to showcase my garden all year through. I've just had a little wall built in the front and there will be a new flowerbed to create, so I'm searching for some ideas to get the perfect look.

I've also been catching up on some Journalling in my Simple Stories Carpe Diem Planner and cased this layout from one of the accounts I follow on IG.  I really like this layout using some beautiful paper I have from LOTV and glittery wash tape, don't you?

That is all I have to share this week.  Thanks for popping by.  Do leave a comment before you go.

14 July 2016

Good Morning...

I'm typing this post on Tuesday evening and scheduling it to be posted this morning.  What a lovely evening I've just had.  The weather has been remarkably fine these past 3 days and it feels like Spring but we're in the throes of Winter in SA.  Everyone in the complex I live in has been hibernating. We leave early for work and get home after 18h00 when people are either having supper or getting ready to watch the telly, so we may see a few of those that are also still working, but for the retired folk, we don't see them... at all! lol

Anyway, the doorbell rings and my beautiful neighbour comes to tell me that the soil is too dry and that I need to give my poor plants a watering.  But before she tells me that, she says she's just popping around for a big HUG as she misses us.  What a lovely comment to make. It really made my day and then her hubby pops over and we all started chatting.  My other lovely neighbour hears us and so she also pops over for a hug and tells me she is missing me too.  You know.... God just knows when you need special words or a hug from a genuine friend and I needed them this evening, as there is a situation at the workplace that is unbearable, to say the least.

OK.... so let's see what I can share with you all today.  Remember I said that I have been Planning. For those who don't know what that is, just go to Pinterest and search for Planners or Planner Ideas and you'll get the picture. I'm also on Pinterest and have a board named Planners, Midori's and Traveller's Notebooks with over 600 pins.   Go have a look, it's such fun.  I'm a bit obsessed at the moment and am building up a selection of Planners already.  Am diligently using 2, and saving the others for next year... lol  

This is the Robin's Egg Carpe Diem Planner which is a newby.
Purchased from Papertrends, a local online store.

This is what it looks like before one starts writing in it.
I have a large handwriting, so the horizontal style suits me best.
You can also get Planners in a vertical style. 

I use mine mostly for Memory Keeping, which is basically
documenting your everyday life and it is such fun. I take pics of everything
whenever we go out, as there is always a story to tell. 

This is my lovely Pink Carpe Diem planner. It got so full I have had to remove
the first 6 months of this year and place the pages in another binder, so that I can
continue to write and embellish for the remainder of the year.
Papertrends also has a few of the Webster's Pages Planners.  
This is a personal sized one, which will fit better in your handbag, 
I just had to have one and am loving it.

This is Webster's Rose Gold Planner which you can't get in SA.
I just loved that colour the moment I laid my eyes on it.

This is the inside.

I would like to stress that those wishing to start Memory Keeping of their own,
there is no need to purchase expensive Planners such as these.  You can purchase
any binder from a CNA or PNA store and cut your own cardstock to make inserts and 
dividers for the inside.  I will share pics in another post so that you can see what I
am referring to.  It's late now and I need to get to bed *smile*

If any regular followers pop by to say hello,
here is a pic of our 2 fur babies.  Do you remember them?
Nikita on the left and Achilles on the right.
They still bring us a lot of joy! We love them so much.

Thanks for popping by to see what I had to share today.