21 September 2014

Catching Up

Hello friends

It's been a while since my last post.  That doesn't mean I've been sitting idle.  I've been making some Notepads for a friend in the US.  I am making 12, so still a few more to do.  These make such lovely gifts.  Why don't you try them too ?

My DD has spent the morning baking Red Velvet and Blueberry Cupcakes for her
birthday on Tuesday.  The house smells lovely.  Now all she has to do is ice them.

After that she decorated a wooden table I have on my patio. 
Don't you just love that Dragonfly she drew and painted?

We planted some new plants in our flowerpots.
The trees in the bigger pots unfortunately died on us, but there are so many beautiful
container arrangements I found on Pinterest, that we'll have no problem replacing them.

The geraniums are spreading and filling this flowerpot so nicely.

And this is my new addition to the side of my house.
The plants in the wine vat and the larger pot will grow to about 2m high, which will be
a nice backdrop to hiding the awful vibracrete wall.

Whatever you've been doing, I hope you've been having FUN.
Lovely Spring weather today, which is a nice change from the cold this past week.
Winter is sure kicking her heels in. She sure doesn't want to leave in a hurry :)

Take care

For Information
For those who were following my other 2 blogs i.e.
Memories Are Made of This and the Card Fairy, please note that I have deleted them.
I just don't have the time to maintain them.  I appreciate those who did start following them.

02 September 2014

Girly Notepad

Hello again

I haven't made a little Notepad in quite a while.  Thought I would share this little Girly Notepad
which I have made especially for Katherine.

She is an adorable child, just turned 5 on 1 September and is a real girly-girl.
Her mother says she loves glitter and writing, hence me deciding to make her a personalised
Notepad. I've added some glitter pens and a girl definitely needs some glitter nailpolish and lipstick too,
what do you think?

Excuse the photo-overload.

I have used one of the gorgeous Tilda's for the cover and I found a chipboard "K" to personalise it.
Added some pink rhinestones, which I hope will be blingy enough for her.

Here is a view from the side.  You can see she even has her own little pencil on top.

And finally...
A pic with the glitter pens, which I also secured with a pink ribbon.
Everything is going into a pink bag too!!!

Thanks so much for popping by to see what I have created.
I appreciate the visits and comments.

Warm wishes

01 September 2014

Happy Spring Day !

It is the first day of Spring in South Africa today and we were fortunate to have a beautiful sunny day in Cape Town.   Looking around our neighbourhood, one can see how the plants have grown so much during the winter.  The rain has been good.  Now for a bit of colour!

I took these pics around 7.30 this morning, as it just made my heart so happy.

I can't believe how good the lawn is looking.

Here's a close up of the corner.  The big green bushes are daisies and I can't wait for them to bloom.

The lavender bushes are still tiny... they need to grow big enough to fill the gaps between the trees.
Think I should start talking to them...lol

This evening I made this card at the request of my DD.  It is for their Office PA for 
Wednesday, which is Secretary/PA's Day !  I hope she'll like it.

Thanks for popping by to see what I have to share today.
I really need to get blog hopping again, but it has been a c-c-c-cold winter and sitting in my craft room is no fun when you're freezing your butt off...lol

Take care, hugs

24 August 2014

Some cards to share...

Hi there all

Wondering what to do with the mountain of scraps you have stashed away ?
Make some mini cards, like I did today.
Really... there is nothing to this.  the only embellishment I placed on these cards
is a single pearl

I hope my cards will inspire you to make a few of your own.

Thanks for popping by. Do leave a comment before you leave so that I know you've been visiting.

Warm wishes

23 August 2014

More of This and That

Hope you're all enjoying your Saturday.  I was up at 5.30am and managed to get 2 loads
of washing done and cleaned my house before settling down to scrap for the rest of today.

It is freezing cold, even though the sun is out, so it's nice being inside just CHILLAXING :)

My dear Mother is always looking for a card or 2 and she usually calls me when it is urgent,
like... the night before she needs it...lol... As I had a few toppers from the Joanna Sheen range
of toppers, I decided to make her a few cards.  She is thrilled to hear it, but has yet to see them.
As you can see, nothing fancy.  Net spoeg en plak, as they say in Afrikaans.

As I had some of that lovely purple cardstock over, I decided to make a cover for this little

Here is the finished item.  I'll be making a few of these to give away as gifts.
Nice to keep in one's handbag when you need to jot down a note or two.

Just thought I would share how I am storing my supply of Washi Tape.  Yes, this is ALL I have.
I'm a late bloomer and have just bought myself a few of them.

I also cut up 3 sheets of 12x12 paper, which was full of beautiful images and wording.
I'll be using some of these to decorate my little Notepads and also for my Project Life layouts.

Keeping me company is my gorgeous boy Achilles.... mwah!

Thanks for popping by. Hope you're having fun whatever you're doing!


21 August 2014

A Little bit of This... and That !

Hello friends

Driving to work in a hailstorm was certainly no joke this morning.  It's one thing standing on your patio watching these falling miniature golf balls pouring down from the Heavens onto your lawn, but it sure is another thing... and a scary one at that... driving in a hailstorm.  It was my first and I found it pretty scary.  Thought they were going to dent my car and at one time I even contemplated pulling over to the side of the road, the visibility was so bad.  But, a few minutes later it was all over as if nothing had happened.  Funny thing that, about hailstorms, don't you think ?  In any event, I made it to work ok.

As it was so cold, my friend and I went for lunch and a lovely Mocachino -my first!

Made these cupcake toppers for a Women's event my DD is attending on Saturday morning.
70 in total.

We were wondering how to adhere those little sucker sticks onto the circled paper and
my dear friend came up with the idea to use Washi Tape. Now why didn't I think of that ?

Merrypak had a fabulous range of Washi Tapes, so these came home with me.
I don't really use Washi Tape... this is the first time and I found it quite nifty to have.

Thanks for popping by to see what I have to share with you today.

Still cold in Cape Town... Winter is kicking her heels in, she does not want to leave without a fight!

Keep warm, hugs

11 August 2014

Project Life: Our Sunday Drive To The Beach

Hello friends

What a lovely weekend we had.  August is actually our worst Winter month, but the sun shone beautifully on Saturday and Sunday.
As a result, we set off early yesterday morning for a drive to the beach and I took
a few photo's for my Project Life album which I will share with you now.

These are not the best pics.  I just can't seem to get nice one's of my project, but at least
it gives you an idea of what Project Life is all about. In real life, these pages are absolutely 
bright and beautiful!
The themed cards are called SUMMER, from the Project Pages collection, 

Capturing memories is so easy with the Pocket Pages™ Journaling cards.
Each package contains 72 cards (12 - 4" x 6" cards and 60 - 3"x 4" cards). 
There is a huge variety of horizontal and vertical layouts and each card has a journaling grid
or dots printed on the back!  I just love them!

This is what the double-paged layout looks like in the album.

* * *

Here are a few of the pics I took at the beach, which are in the layouts above.
I hope this will be clearer for you to view and hope you enjoy seeing my part of the world.

 This is Bloubergstrand and in the background is Table Mountain.

Can you believe that there were children swimming in the cold Atlantic ocean?

This is the beach road along the coastline.
Property here is expensive, as you can imagine with that view.

A visit is not a visit if you don't visit Milky Lane (sadly, what's left of it). 
When I was younger it used to be the sought after ice cream parlour to visit on a Sunday. 
SO disappointed to see that this is all that is left of the original place.

hmmmmm..... nothing nicer than a lovely sugared ice cream cone dipped in caramel sauce, 
with a flake to boot!!!  The hips are already well padded, so an extra inch won't make a different...LOL

I think their little ice cream holders are so pretty, don't you ?

Thanks for popping by.  Do leave a comment before you go, as I so enjoy reading them.

Take care

07 August 2014

Girly Cards to share

Hello friends

I was asked to make 2 cards using my new Saturated Canary images. 
This is what I came up with. I hope the recipient will like what I have done with them.

My friend referred to Violet Vintage as the Bookworm Girl, so I thought I would add a few
books from the Magnolia stamp range.

I am hoping that you can see the gloss I have put over the glasses she is wearing.

And of course she wanted my favourite too... Birthday Party Girl.

I added some dimension glaze on the balloon to make it *pop*, including the hearts on her outfit and tag.

All packaged and ready to go to their new owner.

I really think I need to go on a few of Alyce Keegan's colouring courses. 
Will have to save my pennies first though!

Thanks for popping by to see what I have created today.  I appreciate your visit.