16 September 2009

Sorry folks, I've changed the look of my Blog once again.   As I had problems reading the right hand column in the previous one, I thought you would too, hence the change.  May do so again, until I find the right look and feel for me, but for now I'm enjoying the Cupcake theme (if you've been reading my Blog you'll know that I am crazy about Cupcakes - the look and taste thereof - yummy!).  Paola from Paola's Paper Haven (see under Blogs That Inspire Me) writes that her stash from Funkykits arrived from the UK and just looking at all that beautiful stamp candy makes my toes curl.  I can't wait to see her new designs.  If that were my stash, I would have to take at least a week's leave, as I would want to start stamping and colouring in straightaway!  Enjoy Paola!

Still wet and cold in Cape Town, whilst the other provinces are baking in the sun.  Hmmm, our turn will no doubt come one of these days.  I did a lot of colouring in and glittering last night and will probably sit down to make some more cards this evening.

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Meahni said...

Hi Sharon, great to find another South African! I'm sorry to tell you that Cape Town weather is always miserable, ok maybe excluding the 5 days a year you have good weatehr, lol!
Your cards are great and Tammy is too cute!