28 September 2009

Greetings Friends.  Gosh, these past few days I've felt like a person stranded on a deserted island.  I ran out of airtime and couldn't get to the shops to purchase more databundle, so I was stranded since last Thursday and all I could do was make cards (which wasn't a bad thing ;)).  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Thursday was a public holiday in South Africa and I took a day's leave on Friday, so it was a lonnnng weekend for me.  I could easily do with another one of those.  Had a fab day on Sunday.  Went to Kalk Bay with a friend and browsed  through all the little craft shops along the beachfront.  Shew, there were a lot of people.  Everyone took advantage of the little bit of sunshine.

Hope you like the card?  Flowers always go down well, don't you think?

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