28 September 2009

I thought it would be nice just using paper, ribbon and buttons for a change, instead of stamps and was quite pleased with this little number.  Nice design to use for all those little pieces of paper we don't dare throw away.

Just want to use this opportunity to thank everyone for their kind comments.  It really just encourages one to continue doing what you absolutely love doing.  I've met some lovely people whilst blogging and look forward to making many more new friendships.  If you're visiting for the first time, a huge WELCOME.  Thanks for popping by.  Please join as a Follower so that we can keep track of each other's accomplishments and get to know each other better.

As you know, I am showcasing my cards at our local Craft Market next weekend, 10th October and I have 100  cards to take with me.  Wish me luck!


Shirley said...

This card is very pretty. The colours work perfectly together. I would have added just another layer under each square to give a bit more depth. It would "pop" out of the screen if you had used a graphics programme to show those perfect colours.


Sharon Keanly said...

Agreed. Amazing how someone else's input can just make you look at your work differently. As mentioned, I am here to learn, so this feedback is taken positively!

Karin said...

very very nice!! all colours are so bright, it gives me a feeling of happyness and birthday or something like that :D

luv, karin