11 September 2009

Sorry, no card to load this eve.  I'm chilling out, as I've been making cards every evening this week.  The card I posted yesterday, the Cupcake one, was sold the minute someone saw it when I arrived at work this morning.  I was dumbfounded!  One of my craft buddies on the Craft Bubble site informs me that the cupcakes are very "in" at the moment, I didn't know that.  I just love what they look like and what they taste like!  hmmmm  Stamped a few more of them this eve and coloured them in with our stunning Copic pens.  Still trying to get the hang of them. Kendall seems to be a bit better than me with the shading and blending at the moment, but I'll get there!  We've found a few tutorials on You Tube which is fabulous.  We'll be visiting The Deckle Edge at Willowbridge Mall again tomorrow to increase our colour range, as we're a bit limited at the moment.  I came across some South African Blogs this eve whilst browsing on the web and have added myself as a Follower to their Blogs.  We must support our own girls too, right?    Just checked the clock and it's almost midnight and I was still hoping to get some reading done tonight.  Wishing you all a super weekend with your loved ones.  I'm looking forward to this weekend!  Cheers until next time x

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Shirley said...

Hi Sharon
Thank you for all your lovely comments on my work. We all look at others work and think that ours is not as good. At the end of the day all that matters is that we are happy when we have finished making a piece of work and that we have enjoyed doing it. I kept a few cards from the when I first started to make cards and to be quite honest what I see now,I would put in the bin and I wonder why on earth anyone would want to buy them. Buy them they did and I think what we have to remember is, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. These are my rules for making my cards which have helped me a lot in improving them.

I try not to make a card late at night as it will not look as good in the morning.
I NEVER stick anything to my card without working on the layout first.
I work out a rough design first
I choose my central image first and then pick out all the papers that match with a single colour taken from that image. If I need to put a sentiment on my card I work out beforehand where it will go as it most certainly will not fit into any space I have left when my card is finished.
I try to stick to approx. 4 or 5 colours on my work as too many will not be pleasing to the eye.
I like using a few different matting layers as this is where the colour co-ordination comes in.
I like to prick round the edges of most of my cards or on the layers as I feel this gives a bit more interest to my card.
I use a graphics programme to lighten my cards to the correct colour. Mine came with my camera but you can use a free one such as Picassa which is really good.You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your work.
To answer the question you asked me about the shapes I used. I have a Wizard machine and it is the best thing I have ever bought. I buy nestabilities to cut out the shapes. They take up very little room, unlike punches. If you google "wizard machine" and "nestabilities" you will be able to get lots of information. I hope some of this info. is useful to you.
I have run on too long but you can always delete this message.