10 October 2009

Dear Friends, this was my table at the craft market.  I later got some stands to place my cards on so that people could browse through them more easily (thanks Deids and Nicolai for popping by with them). It was my first attempt at selling to the general public.  I did sell some cards, so I am satisfied.  I received a lot of compliments and was told to try other craft markets too, which is something I will look into.  For those of you who did purchase a card from me today, thank you for your support.  Please note that I will be at the same venue on 5th December (there isn't one in November).  I look forward to seeing you in December with some new creations.  I'll be focussing more on Christmas cards though.  If you have anything else in mind, pop me an email, my details were at the back of the card you purchased.

Today's experience was one that I won't forget in a hurry.  You are assigned a table and mine was placed outside the exit door to the library.  Not a bad spot, but I'll try to get a table in another area in December.  There were a variety of crafts on display.  The food is always a best-seller.  The elderly lady next to me made cupcake cookies, fudge and chocolate brownies and the cupcakes went very quickly.  As a first-timer I was very fortunate that I got some sales, as there were some ladies there who didn't even get one!  It can be really heartbreaking after all the work and effort you've put into your creation(s).  Thank goodness I went there with an open mind.  I stepped right out of my comfort zone and am so pleased I did as I can share this experience with you today.   It was relaxing and fun.  There were loads of laughs amongst the fellow crafters.  We had a wonderful time. Thanks for popping by. I hope the rest of your weekend is blissful!  Until next time, cheers from me.

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RosesMarijke said...

Hi Sharon

Wat fijn dat je zo'n leuke dag hebt gehad...je bent een hele ervaring rijker en wat kaarten minder....fijn voor je!!
Ik zou zeker de volgende keer weer gaan...leuk!!

Een heel fijn weekend !!