01 April 2010

Bow-ma-gig Tutorial (Bow Maker South African style)

Greetings friends and hope you're all looking forward to the Easter weekend. If you're travelling, please do so safely.  If you're staying at home (like us), enjoy this blessed time with your loved ones.

I thought I would try my hand at posting a tutorial on how to use the Bow-ma-gig which is a bow-maker a la South African style!  Not sure if my fellow SA crafters also use this gadget, but it works for me and I purchased this one for Wendy (Chillipip) as she is struggling with her bows.  We girls are here to help each other, aren't we, so I thought I would introduce her to this little gadget, which is very easy to use.

Click on Image to get a better view

Here goes... working from left to right, are the instructions:
1. Place your ribbon around the 2 poles
2. Place left over right
3. Then run the short piece under the poles
4. Bringing it all round towards you again
5. Thread the short piece through the loop you've created
6. Pull both ends to close
7. Then tighten
8. Remove your bow from the pegs
9. Adjust and straighten
10.Cut ends with a scissors

There you have your bow!   If you use a broader ribbon, you move the pegs further apart and follow the same steps. This will create a beautiful bow.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  Hope you enjoyed it! Hugs Sharon


RosesMarijke said...

Zo zo Sharon...ook al tutorials geven...you are amazing!!

kussies en pootjes van Lizzy terug....MWA...MWA....MWA...!!

zoentjies van Marijke en axtra dikke zoentjies voor Kendall!!

Happy Easter!!

paola said...

Nice tut Shazi, i gave one of these away in my first blog candy, still got tons.