10 June 2010

1 more sleep - WE'RE FEELING IT!

Hello friends... as a child when something exciting was going to happen, we always asked "how many more sleeps until...".  Well... there is only 1 more sleep (tonight) until the opening of the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament in South Africa.

I am very emotional as I type this post (I know... I'm a real softie), as I have just returned from reading my fellow South African and blogfriend's post.  I just had to share it with you.  Please visit Tertia, our Crafting Gran, as she and her school children are going to be the ****STARS**** of the Opening Ceremony tomorrow.

Let me tell you, at the southernmost tip of Africa, WE'RE FEELING IT!  Yesterday at 12 noon everyone who had a Vuvuzela, stopped what they were doing and blew it for about 10-15 minutes. It was an awesome experience.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you will tune in and I am holding thumbs that we won't disappoint you.

Thanks for visiting, Sharon x


Crystal said...

How exciting Sharon and thanks for the fab update!!!!! I bet you are excited, are you gonna be able to fall asleep tonight??? LOL!!!! Have a great day sweetie!

Rose Petal said...

Hiya Sharon. Bless you sweetie being emotional, and so you should be emotional. What a fantastic experience and wonderful honour for your country to be the hosts. Let me tell you Sharon, you are not the only emotional person out there, there are many more thousands of us around the world, sharing this fantastic experience with you. ENJOY IT ALL. We will be, and you will be in our thoughts. Happy Days, BE PROUD.
Lots of love, Sandra xx

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Hi Sharon, oooo how exciting for you! I will be thinking of you and your blogging pal tommorrow, when we watch the opening ceremony. You go be emotional if you want to, I cry at anything, especially if it reminds me of my dear mum who I lost in 1989, anything starts me off, lol! Enjoy yourself tommorrow, big hugs Heidi xx

Lins said...

Hoi Sharon,

alleen al door jouw verhalen te lezen en jouw foto's te zien, kan ik je enthousiasme voelen. Geniet ervan met volle teugen!!!

Veel liefs,

Lins x

Carol said...

Awww Sharon!!! You're making me all emotional too, I just miss home terribly!!! Wish I could be there to soak up the atmosphere sob! I'm still supporting you all, I have my Vuvuzela and every now and then I blow it out the window just to make sure the neighbours are awake lol!! They must think I'm nuts, wonder if they even know what it is or what it represents hehe! Enjoy everything my friend. Will be watching the concert tonight, can't wait actually. Thanks for sharing and keeping me up to speed. Lotsa luv xxxx

jimlynn said...

How exciting........oh, and I just clicked on the vuvuzela.......HOW FUN!!!!! Wish I had one. We'll be watching.....and know it will be quite a show. I'll be thinking of you the whole time I'm watching, Sharon!

Jennifer Scull said...

this is just SOOOOO exciting! even way over here in the States! :)

A Cards Delight said...

Oh Sharon I wish I could see all of this! Thank you for posting your friends blog I find it all exhilarating! Have fun sweetie and sure hope you are left go early tomorrow! Don't forget the camera for I want to see that shirt on you! LOL HugZ PS. read the bottom of my last post!!

RosesMarijke said...

Ik kan me voorstellen wat een geweldig gevoel dat geeft Sharon...het is jouw land en je leeft helemaal mee met alle opwinding!
Ik vind het heel mooi dat je zo trots bent..ik ben het met jou!!
heel veel geluk gewenst!!