11 June 2010


AYOBA The day has arrived!  I have been overwhelmed by the love and support of my blogfriends all over the world.  You guys are amazing!  Thanks so much for getting up so early to send me emails of support and good wishes for the Opening Ceremony of the FIFA World Cup Soccer Tournament, which is being held for the first time on African soil and starts today!  We South Africans are extremely proud to be hosting this event.  Whilst typing this post I am watching the ceremony at home and am so so proud. We left the office at 1pm in order to be home by 2pm.  If you've been watching, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I.

A few of my friends have asked that I share some pics of my colleagues and I in our supporters gear. We had a breakfast at the office in celebration of this huge day... so here, for your enjoyment, are a few of them... please excuse the quality and the surprised look on our faces...

Here's breakfast - a delightful feast, I am sure you'll agree

A few members of our team

Linda and I - excuse the quality of this pic.

This is Jan, he's super tall, but don't you just love his outfit! 

Hope you enjoyed these, chat again soon. Have a super sporting and crafting weekend.

Hugs Sharon x


Rose Petal said...

Ahh bless you Sharon. It was fabulous and we enjoyed it too. I toasted you with my large cuppa coffee, so we were with you in spirit
Breakfast looks yummy and I love the pictures of you all dressed up for the occasion. Brilliant.
Have a great day and some crafting too.
Lots of love, Sandra xx

dolcreations said...

We are excited to be watching it from here! Your country is very beautiful! The people are so warm and friendly that is for sure! Thank-you so much for sharing those pictures! Just watching Mexico and South Africa play! Such amazing athletes! My son has worn his Portugal shirt to school this morning...this girl is a Brazil fan though!!!!! Keep us posted with lots of pictures!

RosesMarijke said...

Mmmm ...dat ziet er lekker uit...bewaar wat voor mij...grapje...!

Veel plezier met alles Sharon
Dave zit beneden tv te kijken...hahahaha....

Riet said...

Ohh wat lekker Sharon,ik kom even mee eten.
Veel succes met de voetbal.

Liefs Riet.x

Crystal said...

Yummy...WOW wish I was there for breakfast...:)!! Great pics looks like everyone is ready to go for some soccer!!!!

A Cards Delight said...

Thank you, Thank you...did I say Thank you! Breakfast looks great and made me hungry! So glad your day went so well and the events are awesome! It's the weekend!!

chilli pip said...

Great pictures sharon.
Dont think we will ever know what it was like for Tertia in the stadium , must have been a-m-a-zing