22 April 2011

No card...but new Goodies to share...

Good morning all my lovely bloggy friends, especially to my new ones. Always nice welcoming a new friend...

It is a sunny and clear day in Cape Town, but definitely a slight chill in the air, so it's socks and shoes instead of sandals and a fleecy top for when we go out!  Love this weather!!!  Autumn is finally here...

No card to share today, but there will be one tomorrow, so please come back and join in the fun with us at Totally Gorjuss, ok?

I've been doing some shopping lately and as some of my goodies have finally arrived, I thought I'd share them with you...

Oh my goodness me, these 6x6 paper packs purchased from Crafty Emma's Store are as beautiful in real life as they look on this pic.  They are almost tooooo nice to use!!!

Focus on the white shaped blank card in the front - size is 14.5cm x 14.5cm and comes with a plain white envelope. Uhhhh... I went a bit overboard and ordered 100, they come in packs of 50... So, if there are any local girls that would like to purchase a few, please email me privately. I've worked out price and we'll just need to add postage and packaging.

I must show off my 2 new Martha Stewart punches as well, purchased from 7 Kids College Fund.  I love shopping at Tab's.

I have a huge weakness for paper and ribbon and when I popped in to my Optician on Wednesday this week, I just HAD to make a turn at the little craft shop  around the corner and these are the 2 ribbons I bought.  LOVE them!!!!

I have such a lovely blogfriend who has been spoiling me absolutely rotten this past week and this is one of the gifts I received from her. Are these stamps adorable?  Thanks so much Sandra.  I can't wait to use those stamps, flowers and paper... woohoooo!!

Online Colouring Tutorial with Paola

And now for something totally different... I have another dear blogfriend in SA, Paola, who is a master colourist.  Whilst skype-ing the other evening, we thought to use this time productively (for me, that is...lol), as we usually just sit and enjoy each other's company as we craft.  She lives inland up north in SA (Johannesburg), whilst I live down south on the coast (Cape Town)... so we are about a 2.5 hrs flight away from each other.  I had an online colouring class with her as I really admire the way she colours and wanted to know how to get the "folds" in Tilda's dress and also the "shine" in her shoes.  Now look at pics 1-3 and see how I improved from the first one to the third one... YAYYY!!!  Don't focus on her hair, as I was just messing around... focus on the folds in her dress please and the shine in her shoes...lol 

I can't wait to try this new technique on a real card, so watch my space, as I have to make a card for Kendall as one of her colleagues is leaving and she wants me to use this little Tilda.  Note: Paola is a very tough teacher, with no holds barred, as she insists on perfection, so having a class with her is not for the faint-hearted OK...lol   I'm laughing as I type this, as I think during the session I must have said to her "don't be so mean to me, I'm not a friggin' child'... but we understand each other so well and I realise as a teacher she only wants to get the best out of her students. I count myself very fortunate indeed for this privilege... THANKS Paola ;)

Gosh, if you've managed to get so far, well done and thanks for taking the time to read my waffling this morning...

Hope you all have a blessed Easter.  With all the holidays I've taken 3 days leave, which means I'll be off for about 10 days... it's like having a mini holiday, which I feel I so deperately need right now. Just want to have fun, chill out and spend time with my loved ones.

Catch up with you all later, hugs Sharon xx


paola said...

You're a good little student my friend, certainly if i am teaching someone i want them to be doing well otherwise it doesnt say much for my ability as a teacher or as an artist, lol. You need to just keep practising those feathery strokes.

Debbie Harris said...

Wow, lucky girl with so many new toys to play with whilst you are on leave! Enjoy your break and have a blessed Easter! Hugs xxx

Theresa said...

What lovely new goodies that you have...enjoy and have so much fun!. Thanks for sharing the coloring lesson. What a difference using the right technique.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see all those goodies! I found another webshop for ribbons, it is awesome if I want 10m at a time!


Pink Lady68 said...

Have fun with all your new goodies:-)
Love the punches from MS!
We have Spring and lovely weather in Norway:-)
Happy Easter Sharon! Hugs Laila.

Mina said...

now thats what I call serious stash Sharon...have fun
Mina xxx