19 November 2012

Blog Filler: Hello Nikita!

Hello friends
Thought I would just share another blog filler with you all today. 
As many of my RL and FB friends will know, we've been wanting a little kitty for a while now.  Well, truthfully, Kendall has been nagging me for one for ages and I've finally succumbed... sucker me!
We've always had doggies in our lives and they've been like members of our family.  They've given us such a lot of joy over the years.  We've never owned a kitty before, so this is a whole new experience for us.  My friend Odette informed me that her brother's cat had given birth to kittens and about 4 weeks ago we went and had a look at them.  After ooohing and aaaahing, we finally selected this little cutie pie.
On Friday evening we collected her, still not sure what gender she was, but we had 2 names selected just in case viz. Napoleon if it were a male and Nikita if it were female.  Early on Saturday morning we took her to the local Vet, who confirmed that she was female.  Yay... I chose her name, so I was thrilled, but if it had been a male, Napoleon would have been just fine!
After being "animal-less" (is there such a word??) for more than a year now, it's been quite an adjustment again... like having a new baby in one's home.  But what a JOY she is.  We are amazed at her curiosity, the way she twists and turns her nimble body (I swear she's double-jointed) and her absolute cuteness.  We can eat her up, she is so adorable.  Can you believe that such a tiny little thing can creep into one's heart so quickly ? 
These are not the most fabulous of pics, as she is such a little whirlwind, that all the pics I have tried to take of her have come out all blurry.  These were the only 2 that were good enough to share with you all!

Thanks for popping by and sharing our little story with me.  I'll be following up with more pics and maybe another tale or two, in due course.

Have a great week whatever you're doing.

hugs Sharon x


Desire Fourie said...

Nikita is just the cutest little furball. May she give you endless feline joyous moments. Wishing you a wonderful Monday.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Debbie Harris said...

Hope she brings you much joy and happiness! Hugs xx

jackid said...

She is adorable I know she will bring you so much joy and fun
Jacki xx

Rose Petal said...

Hi Sharon. Well, what a cutie pie she is, and I am so pleased it is a female, lovely name, hahaha.
I notice she is very close to your craft area my friend, perhaps you will be cardmaking together, now what fun that will be.
Speak soon Mummy to Nikita.
Love Sandra xxx

paola said...

kittens are adorable, but they come with: shredded curtains, bed frills and furniture, i suggest you get a scratch board asap so you can teach her right away. ENJOY!!

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

such a cute darling, I love cats but hate the way they catch birds. janex

jimlynn said...

AH......So sweet and adorable! I know she's found a good home with you now.

Nicole said...

Oooohhh soooo sweet and such a lovely name!! Hugs, Nicole

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, she is such a cutie! I am sure she will bring you so much fun and joy. Looking forward to more photos of this darling.
Enjoy your day,
PS. Remember the scratching post and toys to keep her busy!

Catherine said...

OMG OMG OMG ! I am green with envy ! Nikita is sooooooooooo adorable ! I just want to kiss her little pink nose !!! Can't wait to see more pics ! Give her a hug for me will you ? Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Hazel said...

Ag, my goedheid Sharon - sy is net so mooi en adorable. Jy sal baie gelukkige tye saam met haar en sy sal net jou hart smelt. Gorgeous pragtige gorgeous.


Hazel x

Wilma Knottenbelt said...

She is adorable!! Enjoy her!

Pop's Cards said...

Awww she is gorgeous sweetie and a fab name x x x

Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sweet! x