08 January 2013

Help !!!

Hello bloggers

Is anyone else experiencing this problem ?  I am trying to upload my pics to my posts and it is not allowing me to. 

Would love some advice, as I have DT cards I need to upload to my DT blogs and my own blog...grrrr!!



Marika said...

Good Morning Sharon

I seem to have the same problem, I cannot browse my pictures to add a photo. I am not sure but it seems to be a problem with blogger. I will check again in a hour or so.

Have a great day.

debby4000 said...

People are having a problem with blogger when using IE.
So far I'm using Google chrome and that working.

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Sharon, a friend called me on Sunday with the same problem. I told her I wasn't having any problems whatsoever. She was using Internet Explorer whereas I use Google Chrome. As soon as she tried using Google Chrome it worked. Not sure if it's the same problem you are having but thought I'd put a post on here as I know how frustrated I get when things don't work. Kym

ursula Uphof said...

Sharon, I had the same problem on Friday already, was advised to swith to Google Chrome, and now it is a breeze. Many bloggers seem to be having this problem. hugs, Ursula

AGohl said...

Are you using the Google Chrome browser? I was having that issue in that browser, but found I don't have the issue if I use the IE browser to upload photos.

Bella said...

can you load them onto Face Book? then you can sometimes copy and paste them into blogger...

Michelle Patricia Anders said...

I am having the same problem, I go to HTML and add that way & it works. I am going to try 7 load Chrome as I don't get sound at YouTube.