09 January 2013

Thank You...

My dear fellow bloggy friends...

THANK YOU for the advice shared on my previous "Help" post.  I have downloaded Google Chrome and my problem is now solved.   I appreciate the prompt responses.  Although not a pleasant experience, it was comforting to know that others were (had) experiencing (experienced) that same problem as I.

I am now able to load my DT cards and schedule my posts.  Shew... what a relief!  Yikes... I see I now have problems with my fonts... the headings look HUGE, which is not intentional.  I've resized down to a 12 pt and can still see no change.  How does it look your side?  Help required again please !

Many MANY thanks.

hugs Sharon x


Rose Petal said...

Hello Sharon. The print I see here is fine. About right I would say, definitely not too big.
Hope you are ok.
Love Sandra xxx

Michelle Patricia Anders said...

It's ok Sharon.

Steph said...

Hi Sharon,

I have been having the same problem. Im glad you said something. I will try Goggle Chrome. Your font looks fine. It's not big at all. Hope you are having a great day.