01 October 2013


Our little fur baby, NIKITA, is 1 years old (in human years) today.  To celebrate this event, I thought I'd dig out some special pics taken of her during the year.

From the minute we brought her home, we just adored her to bits.

Look how TINY she looks in the basket we bought her.  She now fills it completely!

Oh Oh... not happy about something and making it known too...lol
She is still as feisty as hell.  When she wants cuddling, she'll come to YOU!

I so remember looking for her all over. She'd climbed into this basket and I was calling
her for ages.  Then all of a sudden up popped this little head.  A perfect picture moment!

She loves trying to get my attention when I am crafting, that means even
lying on top of my old laptop, so that I can't get to the keyboard to type!

She's an inquisitive little Lassie too... loves looking at all the photographs I've uploaded onto my laptop.

Here she's squeezed her body inbetween my new shelves, which are meant to
be for my craft items.

And here she's jumped into my wastepaper bin to retrieve some scraps of paper I'd just discarded.

Trying to get a birthday pic of her is so difficult.  This is the best I could do !


Thanks for bringing us such a lot of  fun moments.

Mwah.. xoxoxoxoxox


Carina Els said...

Happy Birthday Nikita!
Ag Sharon sy is pragtig. Geniet haar.Liefde Carina

RosesMarijke said...

Lieve Sharon, wat geweldig dat Nikita al 1 jaar oud is, nog heel veel jaartjes erbij! dikke kus Marijke

Sandy said...

What a beautiful cat and I love the pictures. I do love cats.

Kat W said...

Happy Birthday Nikita! What gorgeous photos - she is utterly adorable :-D
Hugs, Kat x

Sue said...

So very cute,hope Nikita had a lovely day.

Donna Mosley said...

Happy Birthday Nikita. Aww! Sharon, she is such a beautiful girl.

Donna x

Anonymous said...

Such a sweetie! Happy birthday and many hugs Nikita.

Petra Swart said...

Oh, Sharon, your little Nikita is such a darling!!!! What a great idea to do this post!! We LOVE cats and our Siamese, Timothy, is having his 9th birthday today!! (...and I never thought of doing a post like this!!)
I called my kids to have a look, too!! She has brought smiles to our faces and we were all oooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing!!
Big hugs to you and Nikita!!