17 December 2013

Baby Cards for Charity

Hello friends

We had a long weekend this past weekend.  Hope you all had a good one.  The shops are full and I have decided I will not go to the Malls again.  Whatever I run out of, I'll just get from my local Checkers or Spar ! This fighting to find a parking bay just peeves me off to start with.  In any event, it was my first day out after my op and when I came home I felt the brunt of it.  Had to take painkillers to alleviate the pain I was feeling in my abdomen.  So... I am quite happy just to chill at home and continue following my doctor's orders :)

Here are a few cards I am making for a charitable cause.  More details concerning this drive can be found on my other blog, The Cape Town Card Fairy.  Please consider becoming a follower of that blog if you are not one already.  Blogger appears to be doing maintenance work, so the followers are not visible right now, but do go back will you :)

As I'll be making quite a large amount of cards, I've had to design a clean and simple look.  Funny how when you start scratching around, you find craft items you'd completely forgotten about. Here's the little embossed pram which I got when I first bought my Cuttlebug. Have never used it and it is coming in quite handy right now.

Thanks for popping by and all comments are appreciated.



Cathy said...

These are beautiful! I know that all the mommies will be thrilled to receive such a beautiful card which has been made with love! Thank you Sharon

Petra Swart said...

Your baby cards are beautiful, Sharon!! Love them all!! So nice when one had a lovely productive day in the craft room!!